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Feeding question for a One month old

Hi ladies,

Hope all bumps and babies are well. My LO is 4 weeks old now and for the last few weeks has had what seems like the biggest appetite. He feeds every 2 to 3 hours but sometimes he only gets to 2 hours as when he wakes up he gets very upset if he don't get his bottle ASAP. I checked the side of the aptimil hungry baby milk that he has and it says I can now give him 5oz water/5 scoops of milk powder so I am hoping this may placate him a little bit.

But the strange thing is though, he will have a bottle at 11pm ish and then sleep till 3 or 4am.

He could be having growth spurts but if the milk is not satisfying him is there another brand that is better??? Help as i don't want to end up over feeding him xxx

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He probably is having growth spurts....they are quite close together when tiny and my boy was ravenous for a while!! That's good that he sleeps 11ish to 4am-ish.....he may be a good sleeper. My son was sleeping through 6/7 hours a night from roughly 5 weeks old and that has increased as he has got older. Don't worry too much about overfeeding as its not really possible. Babies take what they need. My son will not take milk if he does not want it. When he was smaller, he may take a bit in but it would come straight back up again lol. As he is now older, he knows how to push the bottle away when he is done lol.

I actually found aptamil a bit heavy for James for some reason. He seemed to have bloating and a bit sicky with it. I used infacol which helped and then continued on with cow and gate which seemed to agree with him more and as a bonus was a couple of quid cheaper :-) good result for mama and bubba lol x

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Thanks for the advice I will finish this tin and then review it then and maybe change the milk as I also use infacol for Louie to help with his wind too. Xx


Hi, before buying a tin of the hungrier baby formula, get the cartons to see if he gets on with it. My HV was quite passionate about not using the hungrier baby formula. Hv said to just top up with another ounce ofif the baby was still hungry. I did try it. She took the same amount as none hungrier formula, got mega grouchy, reflux got worse and got constipation too.

The amounts on the side of the tins are for guidance, you don't have to stick religiously to it, give you baby what they need (within reason). Mine wants more on some feeds but takes less on others - bit like us!


Yes I second this. I gave James more milk (or fed him more often during growth spurts) rather than hungry baby stuff...I've heard the same that it can cause constipation, etc. x


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