Whats normal after stopping birth control?

I recently had my birth control removed. Since then ive had a period about every 2 wks lasting from 3-5 days. The last one I got is barely noticeable except during sex or when wiping while using the restroom BUT its lasted nearly 2 wks. I have no pain, no odor, & no other type of discharge.Is this normal? How long until cycles become regular? My husband & I want to have a baby but this is very discouraging.

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Can I ask what contraception you were on? It can take weeks or months for things to settle down. Id say relax and have fun trying xx


For some women it can take up to around 7 months for their cycles to regulate, but I think most women regulate within a few months. Your hormones need to work out what is normal, and if you have been on contraception for a long time this can take longer.

If you are concerned you can talk to your GP, or online communities like Fertility Friend can also provide support in their forums. You can also track your cycles and whether you are ovulating so that if you do want to talk to a doctor you can show them what is going on. Good luck!


It also depends what is normal for you. I have never had a regular cycle, anything from 3-6 weeks, changes every month. I had to use ovulation testing in order to conceive as I couldn't work it out any other way. Good Luck tho x


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