Diarrhoea at 38 weeks

Sorry if this is a bit too much info but had diarrhoea last night before i went to bed (never really had it before) then woke up about 3am and had to go again, i then tried to go back to sleep but had a lot of movement from baby where it felt like baby moving lower down? I then had a few tightening/cramp pains very low down, after a while i got up after not being able to go back to sleep about 5.30am and had bad diarrhoea again.

I then managed to fall asleep an hour later and woke up and seem to to b ok since I've been awake, should i be worried or is this just my body getting ready? Also if diarrhoea starts again should i take anything? Or just let it do what it needs to do?


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  • Hey sounds to me like baby moving further down and putting pressure on everything causing the upset tummy. Starting to get ready now :-) I would try to avoid taking anything for the diarrhoea unless it gets terrible but keep hydrated. I have ibs so halfway through my pregnancy I had horrific diarrhoea and cramps for a few weeks and had to take antidiarrhoea tabs....ranitidine....but if possible it's suppose to better if not x

  • Sounds like your body clearing out for the arrival of buba. Keep yourself hydrated and obv if any worries give mw or gp a call xx

  • I normally suffer ibs with constipation and before pregnancy I was lucky to have a poo every 4-5days. Im currently at 39+6 and my due date is tomoro and for the last few weeks I had to go for a poo every other day so its like having diahorrea to me. From other posts I gather that its a normal part of the last trimester. If it gets unmanageable, go to a doctor or even a pharmacist who can advise if u can take anything x

  • Hello. I am in a very similar position, I am 38+3 and yesterday had a very upset tummy and since last Wednesday have been getting cramping pains and lower back pain. Spoke to the health visitor about it today and she said it sounded like my body getting ready and shouldn't be long now, so hopefully we will both have our little ones soon :D x

  • Thanks for replies, I've got an appointment with my midwife tomorrow so i'll mention it to her, i did try and call her today but no answer and haven't heard back from her as per usual, good job its not an emergency! My midwife has been pretty rubbish :(

  • during a session in antenatal class they told us that the diarrhoea is to clear or detox your body getting ready for baby. Every other things,it seems to me your baby is getting ready to make his/her entrance to the world. please keep any eye,wishing you good luck xx

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