Morning mums and bumps! I saw Ob 2 weeks ago and she thinks I should be induced at 38 weeks to avoid baby's shoulder being stuck and broken

She says if we deliver the baby earlier he or she will be thinner therefore less chance of complications but I would hate to be induced, and so traumatised about my last delivery 5 years ago plus I have bad vulva varicose veins (s f t m) along other problems and my brain keeps telling me go for a C-section

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  • If you feel you would be more comfortable with a planned c section rather than be induced early, definitely speak to your obstetrician about it. There doesn't seem to be a reason why they won't do that seeing as they feel it probably won't be best to have a natural delivery anyway. It'll be amuch better experience for you and baby if you are comfortable with the plans. And after last time, I don't blame you wanting to have a more pleasant experience! x

  • That is what I said to her but she kept banging on about how a natural delivery is better than a major surgery, I have 3 children first 2 deliver by forceps and ventouse and the 3rd one was the worst so I think I did get my fair bit of vaginal deliveries which none of them were straight forward, at the end when she saw how upset I was she said based on maternal choice and not for medical reasons I can have one at 39 weeks

  • It doesn't seem to me that it's just down to choice. Surely with past difficult deliveries that provides a medical reason....especially as they are already planning an intervention with early induction, they wouldn't do that without medical reason. Glad she saw sense in the end for you though x

  • I am having a scan on the 6th and seeing OB on the 10th will see what they have to say again, hopefully she won't make me feel bad about wanting a C Section again

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