DD tomorrow :)

So the day is finally upon us but no signs what so ever! Due tomorrow but feel like I'm still 36 weeks lol. There's no way she's going to come tomorrow, I always expected her to be late but now I'm getting sooo excited I just wanna meet her. I'm having a sweep Saturday but I doubt it will do anything I just feel my body or baby are not ready yet.

Anyway if anything does actually happen I will update you all :) x

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Good luck with ur sweep. I really hope it kick starts everything for u. This part is really physically and mentally testing. I find that coming on here helps with the mental part at least, I dont think ive posted as much in the rest of my pregnancy as I have this past fortnight lol. Looking forward to reading ur birth story xx


Good luck :)

I had a sweep baby came 5days over due luckily the day before my next sweep lol 17days already it goes so fast just relax (nt easy i know)

Hope things happen soon for you xx


The real countdown starts now. The family will be bugging she here yet? What about now? Is she here yet? Where is she?'s all fun!! Lol! I hope she starts to realise she is expected to emerge soon lol. Good luck!!!! Hope you have a lovely experience no matter when or how it happens :D x


Thanks ladies. Yeah this part is mentally challenging. On Sunday I was fine, was like she's gonna be late I know it but I don't mind; now its tomz I'm like I want her out haha.

Tell me about it I've had it since Monday, any signs? Twinges? How she doing? How u doing? Anything yet? I feel like replying yes she was born last week 7lb3oz, 7:03pm on Friday just didn't wanna tell you. Do they not realise when something happens I'll tell them?!? Sorry for mini rant but that is the worst part.

Hopefully my birth story will be up after weekend :) fingers crossed. Xx


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