Anxiety and loneliness

My husband just started working again a week ago and my baby is 3 weeks old i am constantly feeling claustrophobic in the house and like nothing what i used to like is interesting anymore but most of all i feel lonely cause my family is all in my country and my work friends are all too busy. Anyone had these feelings? How did u socialise if ur family was not here and how did u fight anxiety? Somw days im ok but when my husband goes to work i feel very bad.

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During the 1st few months of a baby's life can be difficult for us as they can be very demanding & we're left with very Lil time for ourselfs.

A possible thing you could do is to maybe check out some baby & mother clubs in your area at least that may give u some relief from being stuck in the house


Hey the 1st day my boyfriend went bk to work I cried and was like ahhh what do I do but yeh I looked up local baby groups and now go to at least 2 a week I hate being at home all week.. its a great way to meet other mums and for my son whose now nearly 19 weeks to socialise. Its very normal to feel like u do...even just going out for a walk is gd for u..doesn't have to be far. Maybe see if theres a children's centre nearby they often hav groups and also people who can offer advice x


Hiya. What you described sounds familiar. I was getting very anxious and tearful for a number of weeks after Joshua was born. I started going out on little trips/walks and built up confidence about going out with him and the exercise helped with anxiety.

My husband helped as soon as he found out how I was feeling. I didn't like telling him as he was working etc. He started sending me to bed at 8pm to have some baby free sleep for a couple of hours.

My health visitor helped by giving me invitations to a postnatal group (small friendly group of new mums) and also baby massage group.

I've taken myself out to a couple of baby groups as well - I really didn't feel like going out and meeting new people but forced myself to and I'm glad I did now (my confidence levels were very low to start with). I'm now looking into a mother and baby exercise class which I just found out about to try to get my wibbly tummy sorted :-)

Hope you feel better soon x


I moved to a new area just before the baby was born and didn't know anyone. I was low after the birth especially as I was still ill from it and not having easy access to friends and things was hard. I too went to a baby group at my nearest sure start children's centre. That definitely helped. Need to find another as that one ended. When I'm really bored or feel trapped, I go for a walk or to the supermarket to get out basically x


Hey. I know exactly how you feel. For the first few weeks I felt completely alone and isolated. My husband would come home to me in tears every day. My family live far away and so I felt I had no one to help or support us. I also had a C section and the scar didn't heal properly so I was really limited in what I could do physically. I made myself go to local baby groups and took walks toTesco! I have an NCT group that I meet up with. I also felt that my friends had dropped me but turns out they thought my family would be here so were giving us space! The point is things do seem a lot worse when you are right in the middle of it all! I promise it really does get easier. Sometimes it'll feel like you're going backwards too lol! A few weeks ago I asked for help when my DS decided to stop sleeping at night and I thought I wouldn't keep it together. Everyone goes through the same stuff with a new baby. Get to a baby group if you can because just knowing other people are having a rubbish time makes you feel better lol. I hope you are ok. Just keep going. You're doing a fab job I bet. X


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