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First appointment with midwife/doctor

Hello Girls,

I am just wondering if its normal that i still havent got any appointment to the hospital yet. I have no doctor or midwife either.I went to my GP when i was 7weeks in order to register he said he requested for appointment for me. As it would be urgent i went to the hospital and the lady said wait two weeks. Today the two weeks is over as well.

After you went to the GP how long you needed to wait to get appointment and actually see a doctor with your pregnacy?

thanks for the answers!xx

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my doctor gave me a leaflet with the local midwifery team's number on it. I called them and registered at 6weeks and my first appointment which was for booking in was done at 8weeks with the midwife calling to my home (lots of paperwork and not very exciting). Then u next get seen by hospital for ur 12week scan (which i got the appointment for by letter). U should really be having ur booking appointment between 8-10weeks, so may be best to phone and chase this with ur GP?

Congrats on ur pregnancy....exciting times ahead :) xx


Thank You for the answer :)

I went back to my GP too and he wrote a letter what i had to take to the hospital. At the reception the lady said the waiting time is 8-9 weeks in order to get appointment.I had complications before and since i was 16 doctors said i wont be able to be pregnant! So i explaind this to the lady as well ..she put me as urgent,it was 2 weeks ago.She said dont call them cos i wont get app before even if im calling them 100 times.I booked in for a private scan,i had it last weeks thanks God everything is perfect with the baby. Its just a bit weird why it takes so long here to see a doctor or midwife!

Have a lovely day!xx


as its been xmas and new yr things might b a bit slower, cud u not just ring the hospital and try and get ur midwife apt, ur booking appointment, shud b between 8-11 weeks then ur first nhs scan between 11-15 weeks. throughout the pregnancy u shud only see a midwife unless otherwise instructed, dnt really need to see the gp x


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