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hope everyone is okay and had a great christmas and new year!! I asked a few weeks ago about bedtime routines as we didnt have one! We are now in a steady routine but LO is still falling to sleep on me and I am spending anywhere from 15mins to 3 hours trying to get her down....I give her her last feed at 7ish and let her fall to sleep then put her down...but it takes ages for her to settle so I can put her down without her being up again straight away....sorry for the long post just wondered if anyone could recommend any good books/websites etc for self soothing routines which dont involve CIO. I know it will take a while to establish once I have started but this is no good for either of us as she is not getting enough sleep. Thanks for reading :)

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Hey, I have had a similar thing when i tried to change my LO's sleep routine as advised by my HV, but now I do what I want! My LO is 15 wks and often falls asleep during a feed, with the moving and laying in cot he will often wake and cry, I try to 'shh' and rub chest, if this fails I pick him up for a cuddle, see if he has wind & once settled over my shoulder (tonight was say 3-4 minutes) I lay back down again & he was sound this time. I expect him to now sleep anywhere between 8-10hrs when we're having a good week...teething & vaccinations has thrown us recently.

I can only get him to settle between 9-10pm usually. I cannot bring forward to anywhere near 7pm, he will simply take a 20 min nap on me as he did earlier so its a fight I am not prepared to have with him. That's just his body clock for now, I was advised that of I wanted to bring it forward it should be gradual ie..15 mins a night. I let him feed as he wants between 7-9pm then I take him to bedroom to start to settle. (He is EBF)

How old is your LO? Once she's down how long is that sleep? X


Thanks for replying...she's 21 weeks...usually she'll go down at 7-8 ish,get up a few times without a feed, have a feed at 12-1ish then sleep til 5-6ish...she's EBF but been gaving a meal a day for a few week, she got her first tooth at 18 week and cutting her 3rd now so I'm guessing that's why she's so unsettled I'm just wanting to get her self soothing before it's too late! X


Self soothing is hard, he can do with his thumb but sometimes he forgets where it is....usually the more upset he is so I end up intervening.

They all seem to sleep so differently, some much worse then others X



There's a lady called the blissful baby expert, she helped me with my little girl and her sleeping. She has her own website google her. She gives out free advice too.

She is really good and has helped us no end.

With regards to routine we have bath or wash around 6pm followed by a story or quiet time in her nursery , milk at 6.30 then down then bed for 7.

If your little one is teething then you will struggle to get her to sleep through I think.

Hope this helps



White noise works wonders for us

Try putting on the radio on static when you put LO in bed. For some reason they seem to relax and sleep better!


Thanks for replying everyone...apparently we have no routine as she has only just settled! It really must he true that their first teeth are the least painful bless her x


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