The birth of my son Noah!

So after goin into hospital on 26th December and being induced 4 times I finally had my waters broken on the 29th at 10am. I was then 2cm and put on a drip at 1 to help things along. I progressed to 4 cm but that was it from then on until 18.30 nothing had changed and I was very tired and baby wasn't likin it. They decided am emergency cesearen and Noah was born at 18.45 weighing 8lb 1oz. He is perfect. I am really struggling thou. I feel so helpless my body has to heal and I can't do too much. It is so testing. My partner is brilliant and I have a huge support system but I feel awful. I have been tryin breast feeding and having to deal with the pain of that and the cesearen are so hard. Anyone have any advice. I am terrified xxxxx

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Bless you no wonder you feel overwhelmed . you must be exhausted and elated all in one. I've never had to have a csection but I can imagine your discomfort.the bf will come just relax as much as poss. Great that you have a good support network, let tthem help you till you feel more like yourself. And whst I should have said first...congratulations on your baby boy noah! Stay strong hun xx

And happy new year! Xx


Congrats. .noah was on our list. I can only imagine how hard it is. Fattyboom will probably be able to offer you some more useful advice as she and others hav had c sections. It will b fine u just need to take it easy but when u hav had a baby u just want to get on...giv it time and its great u hav a supportive partner. Xx


Rest as much as u can if u feel exhausted. .u have had an op and they send u home and u have to look after a baby it can be very overwhelming! Ur milk can take longer to come in after a section...I have always topped up with a bottle till my milk comes in

properly. .. they do the same readymade milk like they have in the hosp in mothercare saves u wasting loads of u do decide to top up just keep baby on ur breast so they have good suck as much as poss..u don't have to do this but I found it helped me a lot. ..u can take paracetamol and nurofen just take the help as much as u can to get back on ur feet.... little steps x and if u feel like having a cry then have a good cry think after 3-4 days I felt really emotional had a good cry and felt better... it's hard when u dont know what to expect and sleepless nights are hard .. just don't be hard on urself x


Congratulations :D I inboxed you x


Wonderful news, congratulations and a very Happy New Year to you and your new family. I can't offer any advice I'm afraid, yet to go through it, but I bet the other fab ladies on here will have plenty of wise words. Congrats again xx


Congratulations :-) x


Congratulations! I had a csection and after 5 days my milk still hadn't come in. I wasn't advised this would happen and no one recommended giving my son formula in the meantime. On the 5th day I couldn't stand his distress anymore and changed to formula.

I found the key thing after csection was to keep your pain relief regular, pop a maternity pad in your underwear along your scar to stop it rubbing, wear big pants so not to irritate scar and stay away from any tight clothes. I really found it best to try and keep mobile but don't try to do too much too soon.

Also when you get up from lying down turn on your side first and push yourself up, avoids straining your tummy.

Enjoy baby Noah!!!


Hiya. Congratulations x

Please don't be terrified. Things will get better and better. I had emergency c section under general. Baby didn't latch on for 4-5 days. I hand expressed and sucked up every drop with a syringe then fed that to baby. On day three I used electric express machine then cup fed her. Day 5-6 she finally started to understand breastfeeding. Shes now 7.5 wks old. Exclusively bf and for a few wks she was putting on 18oz a wk!!! It takes real perseverance to get through the first few weeks of bf but don't feel you have too. I gave a few formula feeds in the early days just to give my boobs a rest. Oh and Lansinoh nipple cream is expensive but amazing!

c section pain will get better every day. Sleep partially up right with pillows under knees so it doesn't stretch your stomach too much. Do a bit of walking too as its good to keep moving little and often. I also set up changing station on dining table so I didnt have to bend over or go upstairs.

You are probably through the worst now xx

good luck and inbox me anytime x


congrats and welcome to the world baby noah! i dont have any advice on BF as ive yet to experience it, just try ur best to battle through it and im sure it will all be worth the pain in the end as ull have a deeper bond with noah and he benefits from all those lovely enzymes and antibodies xx


Congratulations! I was induced due to having gestational diabetes and after 36 hours in labour and not getting passed 6cm I had a c section too. It is hard work but you will start to feel better soon. Stagger your pain medication and don't let it run out. I did this for 3 weeks. As soon as you feel able to, go out for a short walk, increasing the distance gradually. You'll be amazed at how much fresh air and stretching the legs can help to make you feel more normal. And with breast feeding, try to relax. Bf is without a doubt the best thing for your baby and you but it is extremely hard going at the start. If you don't feel like you can do it it, top up with formula. Some breast milk is better than none.


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