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Am I pregnant?

I came off my period 2 weeks ago me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex twice one of the timed I took morning after pill. Well recently I wad serverly sick and iv been feeling sick ever since on and off my breasts are slightly tender but on the sides nearer to my arms ive been feeling hungry like all the time and its like i havent eating all day feeling and I have been urinating constantly I went to the doctors about urinating alot thinking it may be an infection but nothing im starting to think I mighy be pregnant I done a test it was negative so I am waiting another week then yesterday I have few spotting and today have had light blood but brown blood na it has stopped completely now I never have this I have endometriosis and my periods are always heavy constantly and one of the reasons I have come of contraception becuase of beig ill wiyh it for a long time I thought brown blood meant it was old blood and thinking maybe its the endometriosis bleeding but unsure to weather its a period or not and weather I could be pregnant its all abit confusing becuase of thay negative test do you reacon im pregnant?

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You need to wait till your next period is due before you do a test as it to early for it to come up positive


Yeh its a bit early but do u actually want to get pregnant as u took morning after pill?


I am definatly undcided but if it happens it happens and I will be happy if I was I was trying to wait till nect year becuase of money and moving but if it was the case that I am then im sure everything will fit into place


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