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I have been trying for two months to get pregnant, and just last month 22nd, i got my period and it stopped that same day later in the evening, meanwhile its suppose to last for three days, do u guys think there is a chance for me to be pregnant?

since it has neva happen before in my life. I taught of doing urine test but am afraid of disappointment and i told myself why not wait till the next period which will be next wk wed, although i had a little brownish discharge yesterday.

Pl, wat do u guys think?

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There is a chance you could be pregnant, the little bit of blood you did experience could be implantation bleeding. However, you can get the occasional weird period, so the only definite way to know is by taking a test!

Don't let it dishearten you if the test comes back negative as you can just keep having fun trying :)

Good luck, I really hope you get the answer your hopin for :)


There is a chance u could be. 2 months is really not that long ttc so I wouldn't start getting disheartened yet. Take a test, if it says neg then retest in a wk. Start taking folic acid, I swear it helped me but thats only IMO. Good luck.

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Thank you, is just that my boyfriend is always around, although we re getting married next year but his job takes him far away. I already taken folic acid for three months, just finished it like 2wks ago. will take a test tomorrow.


It took me 11 months to concieve so 2 months isnt really tht long..the only way u will know for definite is too take a test.


Am not sure if everyone has a 6th sense for it but I have been pregnant 3 times and each time I was sure before I tested, it was like I already knew the test was simply to confirm and yes it is disappointing to see a negative but on the occasions I tested and got this result....I didn't have that same feeling if 'I just know I am'


Good luck with your test! Don't forget to pick up some more folic acid tablets because you'll need to keep taking them until you're at the end of your first trimester. If you're not pregnant this time try not to be disheartened. It took us ages because we didn't realise I ovulate quite so early in my cycle; when it did happen it was a bit of a fortunate accident. I'm now 14wks and it is so exciting.


Congratulations, my case is different cos i get to see my partner once in one or two months, tats why am so anxious and the fact that i ve never gotten pregnant ever even in my past relationship although this is the only time i actually trying since am getting married in march next year. i use an online ovulation calendar which actually tells me my ovulation days, its very accurate. thanks for your advice will get some more folic acid tablets.


I used an ovulation app but it assumed I (it assumes same for everyone) ovulated 14 days before my period when actually it was 20 days.


but its assumption on my period is always true, my cycle is 26 and its my ovulation is usually six days after the first day of my period.


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