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3 weeks old and no poo for 24 hours


My LO is 3 weeks old now. He was a very big boy weighing 11.3 when he was born. He is formula fed and He has very good bowel movements up until I'd say 2 days ago and since yesterday morning we haven't had anything. We are getting very wet heavy nappies which Is good and a lot of wind just no end product. He

doesn't seem uncomfortable in anyway. I was just wondering if this is normal. We are seeing the health visitor tomorrow I was just wondering of this a normal thing and am I just worrying for nothing.

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Breast fed babies can apparently go up to 6 days without a poo. Would ring HV just to ask, prob nothing but if haven't done a poo in 24 hrs best to get checked x


Wow was a very big boy!! :)

They can go days without it being a big issue, it's a good sign that he isn't uncomfortable.

Try giving him some cooled boiled water to "flush him out" also cycle his legs to encourage movement, and rubbing his tummy in clockwise circles! :)



Thank you both for replying. We have had movement so I'm no longer worrying. Just being a panicky mum x


Welcome to motherhood lol! :-) pic is gorgeous, ive got 2 blonde boys myself and a dark girlie :-) xx


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