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Anyone experiencing pregnancy related Carpal Tunnel syndrome? (permanent pins and needles in the hands)

Hi all, I am currently 30+2 and for the last week have been experiencing terrible Carpal Tunnel symptoms - both hands feel constantly tingly (like pins and needles) and my right hand becomes very painful frequently throughout the day. At night my arms seem to take it in turns to wake me from the pain which then takes about 10-15 minutes to subside as i shake and rub my wrists.

I know it's only because of the excess fluid and will subside after i give birth but has anyone else experienced this and have any tips to ease it at all?

Thanks in advance :-)

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I gave birth to my 2nd child 4 wks ago today & I can definitely relate to what you are going through.

I believe it started around the same gestation of pregnancy you're at now.

The best way I could describe it would be that my "right hand" in particular would seize up & when I attempted to pick up something or use my wrist it would cause some pain.

I still occasionally get the same symptoms at night "when feeding" so im hoping it will stop very soon.

The only thing id find to ease it a bit would be exercise my wrist in a circular motion as much as I can throughout the day



It's awful isn't, I experienced it with both of my pregnancies. I found that heat helped me, always seemed better after a bath. Go and see your GP if it's really bothering you, some ladies find that a wrist support helps.

Hope you find some relief, especially at night. If it helps, mine disappeared as soon as I delivered x


Thanks both, i have kind of resided myself to the fact it will be with me until the birth now any way but will mention it at my next appointment as well (this Thursday) and see if there is anything else they can recommend.

The exercises do seem to help a bit and I’ve got some wrist splints I’ll try tonight in bed as well.

I've had an easy ride till now so guess my luck just ran out :-)

thanks agian



I bought wrist splints from boots. They help to keep your wrists straight and relieve the pressure. After wearing them every night for a week my night symptoms eased and I was able to sleep. But the weakness I had during the day lessened too. Good luck xx


Thanks NatalieK, i had some old snowboarding wrist supports but they are a bit too uncomfortable for night time use. I'll be making a trip to boots today!



It's a nightmare but does go as soon as baby arrives.


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