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How much milk should I express for my 4 week old?

Looking at info online I think it should be about 3-4 oz does that sound about right?

Also does anyone have any recommendations on breast pumps? I have a MAM manual one but it's really slow and tiring although I have only expressed once for the first time tonight so may need to just get used to it. I only managed about 2oz in 15 mins.

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My Lil one is also 4wks old too & I also express my breast milk.

She can drink up to 4Oz on each feed ( which is roughly every 3 & a half hours)

I personally use the "tommee tippee" manual breast pump & can take up to 30/40 mins to get about 4Oz but 2oz in 15mins is pretty good that's a full feed in 30 mins.



My little one took between 2 and 4 oz when I started expressing when he was about 4 weeks old. He's now 7 1/2 weeks and will gobble down 5 oz easily.

I think 2 oz is a reasonable amount to express for your first time. It should get easier with practice. When did you try to express? First thing in the morning may be a good time if your little one is not feeding too frequently at night.

I use the Tommee Tippee manual pump and it works for me as long as my breasts are reasonably full x


I have tommee tippee manual and it works fine..Its best to try after the first feed in the morning I.e 6am/7am...I usually get my son propped on my nursing pillow and I pump ay same time...kill 2 birds with one stone. X


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