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Fed up :(

Well I'm 38 + 1 n I've been in and out of hospital for the past few days with reduced foetal movement, although it seems every time I'm hooked up to a machine she will move enough times for them to say everything ok!! Although she does not move half as much if as strongly as she has done throughout and up until Thursday night. Got to see the consultant on Wednesday n hopefully something will be sorted out.

On top of this I've been suffering badly with spd and period pains n severe pains n throwing up.

Had a bit of a weird discharge which I think could possibly be my show but it's only been a tiny but n it's happened a few times over the past few days.

All in all I'm hoping she will make an appearance soon as I'm now grumpy and fed up n just want to meet my little girl :)


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You poor thing, sounds horrible! Hopefully you'll get to meet your LO soon and all those symptoms will be worth it! I've got SPD too, and have had morning sickness throughout the whole pregnancy (now 37 weeks), and it really is hard going! Being monitored must be so stressful too. Hang in there - hopefully not long to go now!


I hope you feel better soon. It all gets a lot to deal with in the last few weeks but it's so worth it. I had a scan at 38+5 because of reduced movement and to double check growth. James' pattern of movement definitely changed towards the end and they didn't feel as strong but he was fine. My show was exactly the same- a small amount a bit slimy. My waters went the evening of that scan but only leaked not gushed. Just keep a really close eye on yourself and as stressful as it is trailing to the hospital if you aren't happy keep going back. Xxx


Thanks, woke up at 4 this morning yet again with pains n feeling sick n belly ache, although she did a small kick so it made it worth it!! I'm hoping all these small signs n terrible lower backache is her getting ready to make an appearance :) fingers crossed xxx


I can totally understand your worry. My little one was a very quite baby when I was pregnant. I bought myself a fetal dopler just to put my mind at rest but I think you are nearly there now to be purchasing one of those. Hang on in there, any worry just contact them straight away & don't for one minute think you are wasting time over it.


Well I have my app to see the consultant tomo so I think she will get bombarded with a million questions to what's going on lol, still hardly any movement again today so we will see I suppose.

Ohh I didn't buy one cas I new I'd be attached to it everyday making myself paranoid lol xx


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