Twinnings rasberry and cranberry tea

Hi ladies.

Just a quickie! Was wondering is it safe to drink the rasberry n cranberry tea at going on 33 weeks? I drink it most nights and a little worried as ive heard it can bring on labour, and i dont really wanna go into labour anytime soon! I like to drink it as it soothes me before bed (if i cant sleep). I notice when i do drink it,baby does move around more than usual.


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17 Replies

  • I like the raspberry and strawberry and was told by my wifey not to drink it and was in first trimester when asked.

    Can only go on that advice.

  • Raspberry leaf tea isn't really meant to bring on labour apparently but helps exercise your muscles which in turn should help labour progress better for you. That's what they say. As to when to drink it, I wouldn't know. I'm not sure it would do any harm though. Maybe ask a midwife if unsure :-) x

  • It is 'raspberry leaf tea' that your thinking of, different to just flavoured teas. It doesn't bring on labour, meant to help strengthen muscles though as fattyboom says.

  • If u r just drinking a flavoured tea it wont do alot..then again raspberry tea didnt either x

  • If you drink it reguarly then I.don't think it would effect you as your body will be used to it. The others are spot on though. Fruit flavor tea is different from raspberry leaf tea. Fruit flavour tea is fine. If worried about raspberry leaf tea defo give midwife a shout.

  • Raspberry tea is different to raspberry LEAF tea. Raspberry tea is fine. Raspberry LEAF tea is the one that strengthens your uterus for labour...& it doesn't taste of raspberries!

  • Did you not like it? I quite liked raspberry leaf tea but seem to be on my own with that one lol! x

  • It was yuk..although drinking tea bk in august wasnt really gd..anything hot was the last thing I wanted..

  • I liked it and sometimes put some Ribena in it too. God yeah, I don't even drink hot drinks really so in the summer it was a killer x

  • I've not tried it. TBH Im more concerned about an early appearance than a late one at the moment :S

  • Oh! I hope bubba stays put until you're all ready! x

  • No I liked it but not touched it since labour. Have many a bag in cupboard still. I recon its worth a gamble drinking it from 36/37 weeks to strengthen uterus and aid labour they say. Work that muscle X

  • SO DO I! I'm only 35 1/2 weeks and getting some VERY odd 'rumblings' down below! :S

  • My baby teased me relentlessly from just before 36weeks....came at 41 weeks. There's just no way to know what they will do next!! x

  • That makes me feel better thanks :)

    Earlier it felt a bit like I was getting headbutted in the cervix...I am now sat down with my legs up and knees together!! ;)

  • Haha!!! Oh the pressure I felt was immense too...thought he'd fall out lol xx

  • If nothing else, it's given me the momentum to finish packing my hospital bag!! ;)

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