3d/4d scans, would be people recommend or are they a bit of a waste of money?

Hey everyone, I'm 29w and never really been that bothered about having one, but I've seen a few pics this week from people i know and they do look amazing and now I'm thinking should i book one up? I don't know the sex of bump and was always a bit worried they're so clear i might tell ( which I'm sure you cant ) also £90 seems a lot of money to me? But then is it one of them priceless things ill regret i didn't have?

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Hiya :) I had a 4d scan at 28 weeks at it was truely amazing, worth every penny we spent! They do ask you if you want to check the gender so if you don't, they'll just stay away from that region. I don't know what the scanning studio is like where you are but we got a lot of pictures so it was definitely worth it but the decision is down to you :) x

I didn't have one when pregnant as i saw a couple of friends ones and they looked so similar and a bit scary looking tbh.. I often see them on groupon. .if u haven't already. .maybe sign up on there as might save urself some money if u choose to hav one x

I had an early one done at 18 weeks as was desperate to know the gender. It is lovely having scans, but with the 3D and 4D if the baby is moving around lots the image can be a bit superimposed and I know of several cases where women have panicked there is a deformity with the baby because of some of the images, and the babies have always turned out to be fine. Really up to you :)

I really wanted one in early pregnancy. And I think you get what u pay for. May be a lot of money but they give you quite a long time and ensure they get good shots. They can be from £90-170. Now though, i've personally decided against it for us because I want to see what Little Pea will look like for the first time when he or she is born rather than have a preview. Total u turn! It's up to you at the end of the day.Do what youre happiest with. It certainly would be a lovely keepsake.

Iv got one booked for january. We cant wait. We paid £115 at window to the womb abd we have got a very good package for that xx

We had one done with photos and dvd. It was amazing the detail you could see and my little lad does look like he did on the scan.

Like you, we didn't want to know the gender so we made this clear from the start and it was not an issue.

It's true that the scan can 'distort' the image in places, so as they move the scanner round it can look as if there are gaps - once you get used to what you are seeing it is lovely to see. If there is a real medical problem picked up they should report this to your midwife for investigation.

Overall I thought it was well worth it, especially as we think he'll be our last x

I was hesitating for a long time but eventually we booked one and despite being quite pricey (we paid £115) it was absolutely worth it. They advised us that it is the best going after 24-26 week as the images are better as the skin is not that translucent as baby starts to get chubbier a bit. :) For me it was another reassurance which I think I needed if baby is all fine.

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