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What to pack in a hospital bag for a baby who is going to be admitted to NICU immediately after birth?


Im currently 30 weeks pregnant and trying to get my hospital bag sorted for baby.

Baby will need neo-natal care as has gastroschisis which needs care regardless of when delivery is, but at this stage we don't know how early delivery might be. It could be this Monday at our check up or could be at 37 weeks.

Do we need to bring all the normal things such as nappies, cotton wool, clothes etc or is all provided? We live approx an 1 1/2 hours drive from the hospital so want to be prepared in case delivery is sooner than imagined.

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Not too sure about NICU for a premie, but you usually have to bring everything - nappies, bottles etc. Most hospitals will have the basics if you unexpectedly find you need them - they provides us with bottles, teats a steriliser bag and formula for a few days until we could get out and buy stuff (LO was severely jaundiced and needed double phototherapy but we were treated in transitional care rather than NICU).

The thing I didn't have was enough stuff for me, as I didn't expect further incarceration ( I was admitted at 36 weeks with pre-eclampsia). Bounty and boots both have useful lists of essentials for your bag xxx


Maybe ring the nicu dept and ask what they provide and if ur baby will be able to be dressed or not then u know what u need to get. .. but life Dr fluffy said u usually need nappies cotton wool....but I'd bring say 5 vests and sleepsuits if they say ur baby can be dressed. ..something warm to bring them home in. ..I really love the fleecy sleep suits they do in next which I put over their sleep suits it's not as bulky as an all in one and keeps them lovely and warm. ..a nice cotton hat...clothes for u and toiletries knickers sanitary towels. Hairbrush hairband....p.js slippers cos u live so far away id take enough stuff just incase u need to stay in for a few days. . Better to be prepared..I took a little suitcase on wheels it was a really small one but I only live 15 mins from hosp so I knew if I needed anything then my oh could pop and get it.. hope all goes well xx


I had the usual hospital bag and then in the car I had extra packs of nappies, clothes for baby, cotton wool, pjs for me. Don't forget your partner can go get more stuff from supermarkets etc.

As i stayed in a week I kept sending My husband out for more stuff. Including snacks for me. Grapes, crisps, cereal bars etc :-)

Good luck. I hope it's not yet though xcc


Hi I'm sorry to here about your baby being poorly, one of my friends baby had that condition but he's perfect two years on, the hospitals are great nowadays.

I would say to pack a normal hospital bag. I did but only used my clothes the baby stuff I had didn't get used as my hospital supplied nappies, bottles, formula, breast pump etc. but I would assume they don't supply everything just incase. My babies were born at 33-5 weeks and went straight to intensive care. Good luck I wish you all the best xx


Ring the neonatal and ask. My baby was in there for 5 days and they provided everything, nappies etc. whilst he was critical but once he started getting better they asked if we could bring some stuff - although they would have continued to provide if we didn't bring. make sure u bring enough clothes etc for yourself tho. Hope all goes well x


I am a nurse in the NICU and we have gastroschisis babies all the time. I can tell you that your baby will have surgery either right away or within a few days after birth. Your baby will not be able to wear clothes at first because of the surgical incision and other IV's and wires attached to your baby until your baby is stable and healed from surgery.

Helpful things you can bring for your baby are special blankets that you can decorate your babies bed with. Fuzzy fleece ones are not the best ones. Although they are cozy, babies tend to get hot in them, and also newborns like to be tightly swaddled and you cannot do this very well with the fuzzy thick ones. The NICU will supply you with bottles, and should set you up with a breast pump if you plan on breastfeeding. Your baby will not be able to eat for a few weeks if not longer, the average being 21-40 days before being able to eat after surgery from gastroschisis. But if you pump, you can freeze all your milk so its ready for your baby when he/she starts eating. I know that many days seems like a long time, but your babies intestines need to heal. If you have a special stuffed animal, usually you can place that near your babies bed as well. The hospital will let you know once your babies born and in the NICU what you can bring for your baby. Don't forget your camera :)

So for your bag, mostly pack stuff for you, and a few blankets for your baby is enough at first. Be sure to bring enough clothes and personal items to last you a while, since you live far from the hospital. I am assuming you will be staying somewhere close to the hospital while your baby is there, so you won't be home as often.

Good luck to you, I wish all the best for you and your baby :)

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