The windy night and a cunning plan

Well we've been due snow for about three days and still not here. Yest we got bad rain we were told coming in followed by clear skies but very very strong winds. Now no offence to southerners as its the weather people who have do this but can ask why 60 - 70 mph winds in the south need big weather warnings and whereas 80 - 90mph winds they knew were coming up here got no warning at all? Anyway I digress.

So baby John was enjoying a grumbly evening. He's started the last few days thinking 3am is play time and sleeping more through day. Yesterday rather than letting it become a habit mummy was very mean and woke him up. He was all smiles and wanting to play, so mummy came up with a cunning plan. Haven't been able to have a bath as so hard to get out, well yest had been to physio so was feeling a bit looser, decided to kill three birds with one very well thought out stone! mwahaha!

Daddy came home and said I planned to go in bath. He thought nothing of it. Waited until after dinner, by which time john was very upset, over tired and the wind outside was howling something fierce. Said there's milk in the fridge for him if he wants fed and this is the cunning part - went off for my bath. Daddy was left with a baby who wasn't going to stop crying easily. I knew he wasn't, in fact by the time the bath ran and I sat in it all lovely, hot and soothed could hear him still crying. So stayed in bath longer, until he stopped. This was nearly an hour. Why had I been so cruel? simple, because daddy is very good with John up until he starts crying then instantly passes him back to mummy, if I refuse, he'll get more and more frustrated saying that John wants fed which most of the time isn't the case. Came through and both were sat on sofa quite happy. Guess what, a bottle, a nappy change and most importantly a big cuddle had done the trick.

By now the wind was beginning to batter the windows and there was a crashing noise. Daddy passed John back to me and went to see what the noise was. One of the fences had come down, then we heard what sounded remarkably like slates crashing, hoping wasn't ours but haven't had a look yet. Then there was a pop noise and the electrics went out! This was no worry, we have candles, torches etc. What was worrying was our front windows buckling and threatening to come in. The whole towns power had gone. the wind got louder and poor John was actually becoming frightened by the noise, clinging to me really tightly and jumping ever time there was a big bang when loud noises don't normally bother him. Daddy went and checked on relatives then set up the spare bed in the back room for me and John as he didn't want us in the front room in case the windows did blow in. Anyway they didn't but was a good idea as the sound of wind was much more muted and John immediately fell asleep when we took him in. That was at 9.30. He woke up at 2 for a feed and then slept until 8 when I was already up. And the power was back on. Had left the hall light on so we would know but it hadn't come on. we were discussing what we should do as OH convinced should take day off or how would we manage? Men! Then I went the loo, and without thinking about it pressed the light, went, came out and turned it off. OH said 'do you realise what you've just done?' Looked blankly at him. We had power and I hadn't even noticed - that is def worse than putting my trousers on backwards and not noticing for almost an hour, had the excuse of no sleep that time lol. So feeling quite well rested which is good as he's going shopping without mummy or daddy today and I'm going to actually be able to get some housework done! x

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It's because the North always has crappier weather and they just think you should expect it until told otherwise lol!! :D wow what a night you had....loved the cunning plan! x

Look just because we are more hardy than you southerners doesn't mean we shouldn't have fair warning - if I'd needed to go out in that weather need warning. Have to put big weights in my shoes or I'd be Mary Poppins without the umbrella!!! :D x

Haha we are wimps when it comes to any weather!! Yh they should have given you warning....5mins at least haha! x

haha! x

We had a covering of snow when I looked at 10pm but it had gone by 7am!! :) x

Really .where do u live rach? X

Sheffield! Xx

We missed the snow other day, apparently it went to Aberdeen instead! Hopefully next lot will be ours :) x

Oh you're one of them snow lovers!! I like the look of it and playing in it...but if I need to go out in it to work or to the shops I always, without fail, fall over!! Bloody hurts lol x

Haha lol. Surprisingly never had much snow where I lived in Cumbria, infact my most vivid memory living there of snow was when I was little and it snowed in April! Got a day off school and the whole village had a snow fight. Most winters there were to cold for snow (which isn't as mad as it sounds) Here when it snows IT SNOWS! Last year had a day when couldn't see out of our window because was snowing so much. So light and fluffy slipping in it's hard to do, and isn't freezing cold x

Lol!! I love the snow!! So long as I'm inside with a hot water bottle and a hot chocolate with all the trimmings!! :) Scotland is so beautiful!! Slightly envious of you living there!!! X

you wouldn't be envious in the really bad weather! But have to say is beautiful, we have hills literally outside our window, and despite the horrendous weather last night we had the most spectacular sky, which being a cumbrian always makes me slightly nervous as usually means really bad weather coming in. Had my OHs aunty round earlier and she's lost half her roof! x

Well yeah, actually that's an excellent point! We were in Auchterader in September! Was incredible!! :) x

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