Oh no - my sons turning me Scottish lol!

Ok, so my partners Scottish his familys Scottish, infact so's most of mine (used to live just south of the border so most aunties etc lived other side) but I've never really been one for picking up phrases or accents, was terrible at French, and even when was little sounded posh to the other kids because I never really used a lot of the local slang. Yet subconsciously my boy is changing me. My partner pointed out yest that I've started calling John 'wee man' same as him, and talking to my mum today called someone a 'bampot'... the more I notice the more I realise I'm saying... just need to say 'yer wee daftie' to someone now and be done with it. Only started happening since John's been born, he's infected me lol - not much of a post but maybe give ya's a smile x

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  • Haha. Weird you say this...I just got turned Scottish by a sweatshirt lol! It's cold and I was at my mum's friends house, to go home she gave me a hoody to borrow.....with the Scottish flag on the front. On the walk home, school kids started saying things to me in some interesting Scottish accent. They weren't quite expecting my east London accent when I responded though haha. X

  • lol. Well my mum did buy us a tartan pram so suppose had to happen eventually. Atleast he wont grow up saying 'awreet marra'. My home accent would confuse the hell out of them if I spoke in that x

  • Lol!! A tartan pram was asking for it :-) x

  • Haha! Love this! Haven't heard the word bampot in a while! Think it's a Scottish thing. My 3 week old is also ma wee man! :)

  • Think it is, hadn't heard until I moved, good word :) x

  • May I ask what on earth it means? Lol. Never heard it before x

  • Think its the equivelant of an ejit x

  • Lol. Ah ok. Thanks :-) x

  • Haha love this my family are all Scottish apart from me and my sisters who were born in england and none of us have any hint of a Scottish acent at all but my dad says there is always hope and bout my lo a xmas dress that just happened to b tartan and is proud to tell the family that my husband was in a Scottish regiment when he was in the army usually fails to mention that although he was in a Scottish regiment he is actually german hehe

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