Ticking of the days waiting very impatiently

Am starting to feel like an elephant. ... I've cleaned the house got everything and I'm just waiting for little man to make his safe appearance.... everyday I wake up and think is this the day? ????? Get thru the day go to bed have a crap nights sleep. .. roll of the bed a few times a night waddle to the toilet. .. get back on bed toss and turn for a few hours then it's time to get up and see what the new day brings. .. it feels like everyone on here has had their baby...I just can't wait to hold mine in my arms. .. am really scared about labour thou just want him here safe and sound :)


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  • Bless you.hopefully today is the day

  • Dont know whats happened with my reply.its disapeared somewhere!i was saying that i remember being so uncomfortable just 2months ago.waking up at night and waddling to the toilet like a duck...no i dont miss it lol.fingers crossed for you hun.hopefully its gonna happen very soon and you gonna have your baby in your arms.good luck xx

  • Thanks hun I do hope so... :)

  • it wont b long and u will b joining the 3am baby club lol. Dont b scared I kno its a daunting prospect but in a weird kind of way it wasnt as bad as I thought it wud b...u will b fine and when ur little man has arrived u will feel on top of the world but I kno this waiting game is boring. Do u kno wot ur goin to call him? Xx

  • I can't wait. .. feel like I'm crawling the walls my everyday routine seems like I'm missing him in it already! Got some names but not sure on them. .. have Bradley, jake, daniel, my little one wants ben 10! And now quite like Brandon but none of them are jumping out at me.... at least I'll be waking up at night to do something! I'm tired for no reason of u know what I mean. .. just want him out safe and sound so I can breathe a sign of relief... it seems like ages ago u guys had ur babies! I'm just an impatient woman! :)

  • Hey you're not on your own! I'm still bumpy, and with induction looming on friday (for reasons beyond my control) I'm not looking forward to labour either. I just take one day at a time and all will be well in the end :)

  • How many weeks are u now? X

  • now 38+6.

  • Ohhhh I'm 38+2... good out look to have I tried and had that out look for a couple of days but it's waning again lol got another sweep booked for tmw induction 21st not far behind u! so hopefully that will work! X

  • Well, I'm still a long way off yet - you know that patch in the middle trimester when, having been really impatient to get to 20 weeks you realize that you have as long to go again! Have been through all the clothes in the attic and done all the prep we really can at the moment without looking nuts I am doing Christmas shopping to distract myself! The last couple of weeks do seem to pass so much slower though I know and I understand the climbing the wall feeling, especially having had two babies two weeks late - not that I even want to make you think about that at the moment! Hope it's soon for you Babymother and that you and baby beat the induction mamacool. B.W. x

  • Had more of a show today. ... and have not stopped pooing sorry for tmi but now I getting scared that all will be ok. . Scared about my scar rupturing and about the mesh

    I have in my bowel! Need tohave a little chat with myself I think!

  • Ah I understand exactly how you are feeling - like you have been huge and pregnant for ever. The show sounds promising so fingers crossed for you. You'll soon have your little one in your arms :-)

  • I'm 39+4 and going through exactly the same as you! Your nights you described are just like mine. Trying to keep busy in the days (trying not to buy too many last min pieces online!) although the sleepless nights mean lots of lazy mornings :)

    This is my first so I'm really wondering: when it will all happen, will I be able to handle the pain and have a natural birth, a water birth or will I go for an epidural? Scared of tearing down there (and didn't really do the perineum massaging! Do most ladies do this?) Am going to aim to stay at home as long as possible.

    What are you planning for the birth and why have you been booked in for a sweep already? the MW hasn't mentioned this to me yet but got an appointment today.

    Sorry for the ramblings! Hope all goes really well for you and your little arrives safely soon :)

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