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Almost there!

Had a scan today, should've been my last at 33 + 4, but as babys head in not straight down, just a little to the left my doctor has decided to scan again in 3 weeks to check position. He wasn't worried at all, and if im honest, im glad im getting another scan as I felt that it was v early to b my last. On the plus side my baby is still plotting bang on average on my chart and is currently 4lbs 13 ozs.....hoping there won't be any growth spurts!!! Loved seeing bump again, haven't had a scan since 20+5 and it was great to have a little reassurance...apart from the kicks!! Definitely brightened up my ultra busy Tuesday!

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Thats great, my last scan was at 20 weeks so felt like forever waiting to meet my baby.

There is still plenty of time for head to engage; this baby was transverse alot of the time and then one day we finally went head down bum up.

Towards the end of pregnancy they gain about 0.5Lbs a week. My little one arrived at 7lb 13. I never expected a baby that big when you consider his parents but I measured exactly right all the way through the pregnancy. How are you measuring?? X


Ahhhh its lovely isn't it I've got a scan tmw I'm really excited to see little man again not long till I hold him xx


I've been measuring on the average line the whole time, was 27cm at28 wks, 29cm at 31 wks and with doctor yday at scan, he plotted on on av against just above 31cm. Me and dad are both tall so I'd say baby will b long!! I never no wot position it's in wen I feel movement, cud b a foot or a fist! What age is ur baby?


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