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Does having a cold adversely affect you or baby during labour or after birth?

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My little one was due yesterday but during the last couple of days I've developed a nasty cold complete with very sore throat and blocked nose :-(

I'm really worried about going into labour at this point in time, maybe not so much for me as I guess labour will progress regardless but will baby be ok and will I be put on a ward with other mums and new babies? Of course I will bring it up when i ring up hospital to come in (I think labour is probably on its way fairly soon as Braxton hicks are very strong and getting closer together)...just another thing to add to my anxiety that I could really do without right now :-(

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Ohhh I've been the same. .. sore throat achy feel crap. . And still feel the same after a week! Didn't Have my whooping cough or flu jab today cos still feel rough and I'm nearly 37 weeks. .. I'm wondering what I'll be like but think the adrenaline will make u feel better... maybe they will keep u in ur own room if ur still full of cold x

Ah, you too. It's not nice (think one of my girls picked it up from school as they were poorly last week). Hope you feel better soon.

Yes, you're right. I think the adrenaline would mask symptoms during labour. Hopefully baby will be born with some of my antibodies and breastfeeding will pass these on after birth.

I suppose it's a good reason to have my own room - would feel very upset if I passed it on to anyone else in the hospital. i think they usually charge for single rooms at my local hospital.

Thanks for your reply x

I had the same during labour- baby was fine, he didn't pick up anything at all. Although, coughing and blowing my nose was difficult post labour! Lol. I wasn't put in a single room (i was induced and had to stay on transitional care for 48hrs post delivery too). Hope you feel better soon x

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Ah it's good to hear that your little one was unaffected by your cold. I've half been expecting my waters to go with the violence of my sneezes recently! I'm a bit surprised they didn't put you in a separate room but I guess it's down to hospital policy etc. Thanks x

Adrenaline was fierce during labour!! It's takes over your body. I hope your little one arrives soon. Have you taken any paracetamol? Lemon and Honey drinks? Halls soothers? Steaming your face?? Rest rest rest & I hope you feel better soon, you'll need all your strength for labour and looking after the LO xx

Thanks. I took some paracetamol before bed last night and also gargled some salt water (yuk!). My throat sems a bit better today but other cold symptoms still around. Trying to rest and ignore the outstanding housework around me x

Absolutely housework can def wait! Look after yourself :-)

If you are really rough it is possible that your body will 'put off' labour until you pick up a bit, no promises though! From your babies POV it is better that you have it now as your antibodies for this bug will be passed on through the placenta and s/he will probably be immune to it when born. You are right to mention it when you go in to help infection control and as babymother says - maybe you'll get your own room which might be a small silver lining!

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I am wondering if that is why baby is slow to appear despite all of the other signs that my body is ready... (had some eye-wateringly strong Braxton hicks yesterday + aching back and pelvis). It's good to know that baby will have those antibodies. Definitely will mention it when I finally go in to have baby.

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