Any one else's baby get super active towards the end?

Ok, my LO does have quiet times, but they are getting less and less. 38 wks expecting to feel less pronounced movements but instead feel like I've got an angry (mini) bear trapped in there. Midwife says head down in pelvis but i'm getting battered on all sides, and most of the time. seems to sleep a couple of hours at night and a couple in the morning then back to beating me up. Surely should be slowing down ready for labour, instead seems to have decided to have a last wild party. Anyone else the same? x

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  • Haha :-)

    Yes, my Lil one has her moment. I'm 33 wks pregnant today & I get times during the day when it feels as if she's trying to do a somersault but can't figure out how to get her legs around.

    I find when I eat she may start to behave & be a good girl ! :-)

  • That really made me laugh. My baby has been very active throughout my whole pregnancy but I have noticed that now at 34+5 days he is really giving me good kicks very often in the day and at night he likes to poke me at the side of my stomach. I just love it and find it so funny. Though at time I ask myself if I will have one of those babies that hardly sleeps as my one at the mo is def not a sleepy one :-)

  • Lol, yeah told oh bed times are going to be his. Some reason only time baby calms down is when he puts his hand on. Means can get an hour, maybe two if am really lucky when first go to bed as he says goodnight and that's it for baby. Rest of time I'm a permanent boxing ring. does make me laugh but doesn't half hurt. Food just seems to make more hyper, no matter what it is. Actually managed a half an hour nap this afternoon and was woken by my ribs being kicked as if they were bongo drums. Def beginning to think this child is having to good a time in there to want to come out x

  • Funny you should post this now. I am 38+5 and up until today I thought baby's movements were getting less generally. However, all today I've been getting a real internal battering with little let up. My appetite has also suddenly increased and Braxton hicks increased. Maybe something is going on? Or is it just baby feeling my joy at finishing work today :-D Time will tell...

  • Yeah my appetite gone up suddenly. Still not getting much in way of other signs just occasional tightenings and cramps - couldn't even call them Braxton hicks to be honest. Could be a sign of something, in my case don't think it's that baby planning on coming soon anyway. Thought had settled before, but no, just bored of kicking one side and decided to start on the other. Beginning to think I'm not growing a baby, that perhaps is a gremlin... have to make sure no late night snacks lol. Might be just feeling your joy but hopefully is a sign something going to happen soon (for selfish reasons lol. Hoping indicates mine might just get the idea and decide to arrive - I'm getting so impatient now) x

  • Interesting that our little ones seem to be playing the same game - perhaps it's the full moon :-) Seriously you never know what's just around the corner so fingers crossed. I hope there's not too much longer left - I think I will get very bored on maternity leave if I have to wait too long. My OH is getting inpatient as well. The tightenings are certainly strong today but not in the slightest bit painful. Let's hope your little one will pick up on the vibes and we'll both be posting our birth stories on here soon :-)

  • Hope so, Not worked all through pregnancy so really bored now. Just a day on day wait now. Good luck and keeping my fingers crossed for you :) x

  • Thanks. Good luck to you too. Each day that passes is another day closer to holding your little one in your arms :-) x

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