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Anyone got any experience using nystan?

I noticed my nipples looked raw and were so painful and looked online which said it was probably thrush. Went to the doctor who prescribed cream for my nipples and little ones bum and also nystan. She has been having 1ml 4 times daily but has been really unsettled and been sick quote a bit. She's not generally a sicky baby. I'm struggling to get her down for a nap during the day but not sure if this is down to the nystan. I think I might have been giving it to her too quickly so I have done it a drop at a time this morning so we shall see how it goes

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Try to use ur finger to get round her gums and mouth...I have used it on my daughter but it was a long time ago...don't think it tastes that great...u could ask dr if u can use daktarin oral gel, I'm not sure if u can use it on a young baby but its orange flavour and sticks round the mouth more x


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