Ladiess I want to dye my hair at the salon! Yes? Or no no? Is it safe?

Hello ladies just wanted to know if it is safe to dye my hair at the salon during this stage in pregnancy? Everyone is saying it should be fine but I just wanted to know what really mothers have to say on this matter? Is it safe? Have any of you dyed your hair during pregnancy? Let me know, thanks Xx

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  • I've had mine done twice one myself and once at hairdressers x I didn't see any issue if you are considered consider high or low lights as these wont touch your scalp x

    I am 20 + 2

  • I too have had my do done. I had colour and highlights with no problems, twice. My hairdresser is also my next door neighbour, shes very experienced and knew I'm pregnant. Going to a salon is probably much safer that using a home kit as well :) Talk it over with your hairdresser and take it from there

  • I looked into this and was told that it's safe - I usually have a semi-permanent. However, I haven't managed to get mine done since the start of pregnancy as my skin has gone so sensitive. So definitely get a skin patch test done (even if it's your normal colour) as your skin might react differently now you're pregnant. My skin was burning within half an hour, so would have been horrendous if it was on my whole scalp! Now 22 weeks and resigned to the fact that it's going to be after the birth before I can get it done. Tell your hairdresser that you are pregnant.

  • I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant n both times I've dyed my hair has been at home simply because my hairdresser won't touch it being that I'm pregnant and for there own health and safety towards me and the baby :) this one thing I look forward to us gettin my hair dyed back to my original colour :) when the baby is here xx

  • I didn't dye mine during the first three months but have regularly had highlights at te hairdressers since and am now 39+5. From what I can see there is no research saying it will do any harm to your baby, however my hair does react differently to the colour than before I was pregnant x

  • I had mine done twice whilst pregnant and my 1 week old boy is fine. X

  • Thanks for getting back to me ladies! Will be getting some highlights done to my hair this weekend! Can't wait Xx

  • As an ex hairdresser I can reassure you it is perfectly safe to colour and perm hair during pregnancy the only reason people say you shouldn't is due to pregnancy hormones as the can change your hairs natural hp balance and on the odd occasion can cause hair to become more porous or greasy which can effect how a colour will take ie patchy or weaker however if your havig it done in a salon exprests no exactly how a colour should be mixed and which what level of peroxide depending on the condition of your hair so I can honestly say you should be absolutely fine so go ahead and treat yourself. Xx

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