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How effective is exercise ball to induce labour and help turn baby's position?

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Hey guys, well that's me 40 weeks today, and when I was last at midwife he informed me that my baby was in back to back position (op) and that I should get on an exercise ball to try and turn her round! Does anyone have success stories about using an exercise ball to turn baby? And can it help kick start labour? I have been bouncing up an down for the last half hour and don't feel any difference, but getting really impatient now so hope it helps start labour x

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Hi hun my second was born back to back and we didn't know until his head appeared and was facing up with wide eyes! I didn't think it was any more painful than my first and more recently my third. Just keep boing!! Hate to say it and your probably fed up of hearing it but your lil lady will come when she is ready xx

That would have been a little surprise for u then lol! I know I am just getting so impatient - I would try anything lol!

Happy due date! Bouncing is great for getting baby's head nudging your cervix which is all good in preparing for labour - I'm always on my ball and my first baby came 3 days early... Obviously there's no way to tell if it helped or not but I like to think so!

Regarding getting baby to swivel round, you want as many leaning-forward positions as possible. The ball is great, as is sitting backwards on a chair, hands and knees or kneeling with your elbows on a ball. Try to sleep on your left if you're not already. And keep your knees below hip level. Try to use these positions in the early stages of labour as well as now as the contractions will encourage baby to turn anyway so you'll be helping it along.

My baby is slightly back to back but apparently second babies tend to turn a lot faster in labour than firsties - I'm trying to give it a shove in the right direction though!

Good luck, I hope it all kicks off really soon x

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Thanks, I have been on the ball all night and been starting to get a lot more pains and little niggles so I'm hoping it has maybe started something off - but then again that might be wishful thinking. I have been doing lots of positions on the ball to try and get her moving into the right position - I have the midwife tomorrow so she will let me know if my hard work has paid off haha! Thanks for the advice xx

I'm 40 weeks on Friday and have also been told baby is back to back. Midwife told me this a few weeks ago and so have been following all advice - no reclining, bouncing on ball, all fours etc and 3 weeks later baby still in same position. Not gonna give up trying though! X

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Well my baby was in the correct position until 39 weeks then decided to flip round - what a wee rascal lol! I have been doing all the stuff the midwife told me so will find out tomorrow if it has worked or not! I really don't want to give birth in the OP position because I have heard it can be a longer and harder labour so fingers crossed these babies move lol x


my friend delievered baby back to back & everything was fine, said it was no different from having her other kids normal,

im 41weeks 2 days I was due on the 8th & ive tried everything in the book but still no signs of baby, ive been bouncing on ball but no changes, I think theyr all just old wife tales, im sayin that as im well overdue now& fed up, but everyones different so who knows, keep bouncing & could help you :) goodluck x

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Thanks, hope your baby comes soon for u and doesn't keep u waiting much longer xxx

Hi there, try not to focus on the back to back thing, it doesn't necessarily mean you will have a worse labour than if baby was in a different position, baby could decide to turn in the eleventh hour! As for the effectiveness of the ball, I can only tell you that as long as it helps to keep you sane and comfortable then its not a bad thing :)

Thanks, I have midwife today so she will be able to tell me if the baby is back to back or has turned. I'm trying not to worry about it either way tho, whatever will be will be x

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