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Leukocytes and protein in urine (31weeks)

Hello ladies!

Just after some advice or anyone had similar experience.

Went for my routine 31 weeks check with GP yesterday and everything was fine apart from urine sample. I had ++ for leukocytes and protein. They asked me to do another sample which they have sent off to hospital to be tested, but didn't really say what it could mean?

I have no symptoms of UTI and no high blood pressure.

Can anyone shed any light?!

Thanks xXx

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Leucocytes are a sign of an infection, sometimes its possible to get a mild urinary tract infection without any symptoms, especially when pregnant. The drs will culture your wee and then percribe antibiotics which prevents the uti from becoming more symptomatic.


I had the same each midwife appointment finally a swab was taken and I was diagnosed with strep b. antibiotics are the best for this speak to your midwife or gp. Xx


Out of date test strips? :-p

The protein is the most worrying, and they should send off a 'urine PCR' - they work out the ratio of protein to something called creatinine, which is a measure of how well your kidneys are filtering. If you have a high PCR, you should have weekly BP and proteinuria monitoring, in case this is early PET or HELLP.

Leukocytes alone are a really soft sign of infection if your urine is 'nitrite' negative, but 'asymptomatic pyouria' (bacteria in urine without symptoms) is really common in pregnancy and treated as a UTI regardless.


Excellent, thanks ladies! My husband is a recently qualified ODP so is going to look up culture tests on pathweb tomorrow for me, his first perk of the new job ;)

The GP said I would have to wait a week for results but I knew I never would be able to wait that long!

Fingers crossed it's a blip and everything will be fine. At least I feel OK ;)



Haha! I used to locum at the hospital I delivered at so I could download my scan images ;-p


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