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7 weeks pregnant and worried about flying...

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Hi, I've just found out that I am 7 weeks pregnant which is great news as we have been trying for a year, but I'm due to fly to Cyprus next weekend to stay with friends and am worried about flying whilst pregnant. Any advice?

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I've flown loads of times when pregnant.. throughout all of my pregnancies is fine if u read the stuff about flying they say to go in ur 2nd trimester but that's only because that's when u feel ur best... morning sickness has usually gone and ur not too big... I've never had a problem. . Just make sure I get up and have walk to the toilet and back frequently... and drink plenty so u don't get dehydrated... and when u land just be careful getting up cos of blood pressure dropping can make u feel faint x

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Thank you - so far I've been lucky no sickness yet xx

I'm 10+5 and flying to Greece this week. My midwife said it was totally fine to fly, she suggested wearing flight socks, drinking plenty water and get up and move around if Possible. Thankfully I've had no sickness either.... That would be a nightmare!! :p

I flew at 7 weeks as well. definitely walk around during the flight as much as possible and stay hydrated. The way I looked at it was I had 2 weeks to lay by the pool and let my baby grow in peace! Relax and enjoy x

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Hello and congratulations! I'll be flying next week on a 12 hour flight when I reach 7.5 weeks and back again at 9.5 weeks. I saw my GP last week and he said it was fine to travel if I felt fine. He put it that if I didn't have a problem with it then neither did he! I've not had morning sickness just the odd wave of nausea so feeling generally good. Like others have said, he too recommended: drinking lots of water, getting up and moving around when you can, wearing compression socks, avoiding the usuals: caffeine, alcohol and smoking. Just relax and enjoy yourself. Chilling out is the best thing for you to be doing right now! All the best :-)

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