25 weeks pregnant , feeling unwell high temperature up n down , breathing heavily when standing or walking for any period , even doing the

Little tasks round house is making me feel extremely tired and faintish , I suffer with thyroid problem and also have asthma but both are fairly well controlled pri to pregnancy , this is my 3rd pregnancy and have not had this before. Do you think it could be my blood pressure ?

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  • Get it checked out! My asthma has been bad buti just thought nothing much of it and just put up with it last tues I started to feel rough and by Fri I got alot worse and was admitted to hosp where I've been having nebulisers ever since and my asthma has never been this bad! So Pls get checked over!

  • Its definetely best to get it checked out to be honest. :-)

    My guess is it could be a number of things which could be contributing to your blood pressure. You mentioned this is your 3rd pregnancy, im 29+ wks with my 2nd pregnancy & i feel exhausted most of the time having to care just for the 1 child, so i can only imagine how you're coping with the 2.

    See if you can book an appointment to visit your G.p as its better to be safe than sorry :-)


  • I went to docs Thursday he sent me for blood Test but he didn't check bp or anything like that I should get results tomarr ow but just start to worry as feel complete useless atm and don't know weather I m over panic or not :-(

  • I didn't realise it was my asthma I felt awful from last tues bit if u say it's ok then maybe it's a virus or low iron or blood pressure u just need to rest lots and wait for blood results x

  • It could also be the warm weather wer'e having as the same has happend to me a few times already & my blood pressure is fine.

    I think the best thing to do is to just try & eat Lil snacks regularally "espicially when out & about" & you'll be fine.


  • Will wait and see what results come back like and go from there feel like crying right now had enough , this is worst pregnancy by far . Had sick Ness through out. Chest infection .water infection tummy bugs lot just want it to end :-(

  • oh, bless you

    Is the baby a girl "by any chance" i must admit this is my 2nd pregnancy but i feel alot more emotional to the point of just breaking-down in tears some days over absosultely nothing!!!


    Ah-well hopfully not long to go now


  • Yeah it is girl , another 14 weeks xxx

  • I thought so, :-) "Me too im roughly just outside of my 30th wk of pregnancy with a Lil' girl" I remember telling my partner (baby dad) about a week or so before my 20wk scan that i feel like the baby is a girl pureley because of some of the intense emotions.


  • This is my 2nd girl and I def agree with the emotion side of it def more emotional and things that wouldn't normally upset me do... My partner is really good but sometimes it just feels like he saying stuff to keep me sweet and has no real understand meant of how I really feel ( not his fault he just can't feel everything I do ) that's life... With my little girl I caught post natal depression quite badly and with this one I panic over everything atm it's def my last as emotionally can't cope with being pregnant ... So I m hoping they will let me get sterilised xx

  • If its any consulation to how you're feeling i also had quite bad post-natal depression after giving birth to my son in 2008. Mainly due to the long & traumatic birth experience though ( i thought)

    As im now having a Lil girl im also thinking about calling it quits with the baby making program as you mentioned i find the pregnancy side very emotional & a bit nerve wracking at times.


  • I think it's either my bp or my asthma so think if still same in morning I will ring my midwife and ask her what she thinks is best . As don't wanna go to hospital less I really have to cos my other two are still off school atm x

  • Yeah I had bad 1st birth with my son very long n tiring but I must say my Lil girls was so different it only lasted 3 hours from waters breaking that fast wen she was born I was in shock how fast it happen and could not stop crying my sons was 42 hours long so big difference xxx

  • Oh wow,

    I keep thinking that giving birth to this child will be considerably quicker than my 1st experience but 3hrs would be Brilliant.


  • I m hope full this one will be even quicker xxx

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