Disappearing bump driving me crazy!

I'm 29+4 and for the past 2days my bump has proper disappeared, I have a relatively small bump as it is (or so I'm told) I actually feel like our little monkey has just transported himself out of my body or something. Its driving me mad walking round looking as if I've just had a big lunch or something! Haha sorry just needed to rant! Hopefully the little man is growing ok :(

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  • Ah, the hiding baby conundrum! Do you get 'are you sure you're pregnant?' or 'really, your that far on?' Sure the baby's do it to wind us up. don't worry up until a about week 32 I only looked pregnant naked. as soon as dressed just looked like I'd eaten too much - scared hell out of people when baby would suddenly do it's 'alien' impression :D now look pregnant but still not huge. Don't worry to much if midwife thinks needs a check they'll send you for a growth scan. I went for one and despite tiny bump baby was measuring a week ahead in size so you never can tell x

  • Yeah I get the 'what your that far' type comments all the time. However a woman said to me that me and my twins must only have a few weeks to go the other day I laughed and asked if she was serious! But yeah scares me when the little bugger hides, proper guts my fella too coz he likes to feel the baby! X

  • :) trust me before long your fella will get more than he bargained for. Mine would never dare put his head near the bump for fear of a black eye lol. Only time still hides is when anyone medical looks at them, and they always worry isn't enough movement until I see the midwife and she seems to annoy trouble enough to make them kick like normally do and everyone lets their breath out. Sure he/she just wants to make things more interesting :D x

  • Baby must be sitting in ur back more..hey at least u won't get stretch marks! Baby really starts to put on weight in the last 8 weeks so I'm sure u will look lovely :)

  • I know it too well! I'm currently 29 + 3 and am a teacher. My students have actually said they think my belly is smaller than it was before the summer, and three asked me whether I'd had the baby!

    Every time I tell someone how far I'm gone they won't believe me!

    Now, on the one hand I guess we should be glad to have smaller bumps as I assume it's easier for us (just looking at my cousin's bump which is HUGE I'm actually glad that mine isn'..). At the same time I can't deny getting frustrated occasionally as people think it's still early days and I feel they don't appreciate how exhausted and in pain I actually am. If I had a massive bump I think there would be a little bit more consideration, especially from work colleagues or people in public places.

  • I hear you there haha! I'm exhausted and people are like why there's nothing of you! Yeah but I'm still tired haha! I'm on day 3 with a almost missing bump! He must be well and truly hiding at the back! I have a MW app on Monday so if he's still hiding then ill ask her what's going on. At least I can still feel him moving around so not too worried at the moment. Petrified that he's going to come early :/ x

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