Any possibility I am pregnant?

So i had my period June 2nd, had unprotected sex from 25th/29th, since then I havent had any sexual contact what so ever, he did pull out every time and sometimes never ejaculated. So since having unprotected sex I have had bleeding round the time i expected my period and bleed heavy enough to fill my tampon, even overfill it, they both lasted from 6/7 days. And have had no symptoms of pregnancy apart from cramping and sore boobs before the time i started bleeding which i normally have. But i have read people can have periods and feel no symptoms and still be pregnant? I might sound stupid but i need answers. Could i be pregnant?

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Literally the only thing you can do here is take a pregnancy test.. Have you taken one?

Is it possible you're pregnant after having unprotected sex? Yes.

Is likely you're pregnant after having 2 periods and no symptoms? No.

Just take a test and put your mind at ease either way. Good luck, I hope you get the result you want.


Buy a test as tht will b concrete evidence if u r or not. Although if u hav been bleeding for 6/7 days this wud suggest a period to me. Do u want to get pregnant as u say he pulls out or just doesn't ejaculate? But do a test first thing in morning and go from there.


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