Still nothing

I'm now 9 days over, went to hospital for another sweep but again it couldn't go ahead because I am still not dialated and cervix is still posterior. I'm currently on a ball bouncing while I write this. Think I have resigned myself to being induced on Friday but still feel like my body is letting me down, have another sweep booked for Thursday but I'm not holding out much hope. Just wish little dude was here now

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Hi hun Dont think like that. With my first i didn't have any signs they weren't engaged no waters basically I just wasn't expecting anything to happen but low and behold contractions started and yes it was a long hard slog but 23hrs later my daughter was born do not give up thinking induction only way because things can happen sooo quickly. Little dude is happy and safe in there xx


I had my wee man about 8 weeks ago. Was a few days overdue and had to be induced as my waters were low. The induction was ok...I was only in labour for five and a half hours and only pushing for 14 minutes. No extra interventions needed but no time to have an epidural. There are a lot of stories about induction but they are not all bad. Take care, keep bouncing on that ball and good luck. X


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