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39 weeks and in need of a rant!!!

So my plan for today was a relaxing, pampering and restful day. Not quite as planned!!

Whilst I'm 39 weeks and I know friends and family are excited and keen to 'look after me' they are driving me insane!!!

Rather than a pregnant 34 year old I feel like a 5 year old who can't be left alone for 5 minutes without someone ringing or popping round to check I'm OK!!!

Whilst I know I'm being mean and unfair this is driving me crazy!! Rant over!

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Haha! Love it! You are well entitled to feel that way. In general my family are so good but there have been certain people that check on me with advice and helpful tips or tell me not to do stuff or eat stuff and it does my nut in! They are being nice and caring but suffocating at the same time lol. Rant on lovey ;-)

People should respect you and only see you if you ask. It wud annoy the hell out of me if people disturbed my day of watching crap tv. My family kno not to come unless its ok with me first or I call them, I dont think your being unfair at all and if it were me (very vocal) I would say to the people who r around that you just want some me time and you appreciate their concerns but you will call if u need them I dont think thats unreasonable. X

I totally understand hun!

Im now approaching my 27th wk of pregnancy & Its not as if I dont appreciate it ()Because I really do) But I also love to have my own personal space left up to me.

I just keep think & reminding myself that all this attention is only for a limited time & maybe "just maybe" I may be able to return the favour one day to one of these beloved family members / family.


I get you !these last days you just want to be left alone!I hated every single phone call and to make it worse i went almost 2 weeks over!

Ahh thanks ladies my irrational temper tantrum has now passed!

It's awful to criticise when I know they are well meaning and give it a few weeks of little one being here and I'll probably be desperate for the visits and support!!

The pleasures of pregnant, hormonal women!!!

I'm at 40 + 6 and its driving me insane people must think we wouldn't tell them. Also I am now getting random people in the street telling me I look like I am having twins!!

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Littledudesmum I know the feeling...everywhere you go people say the same thing - ooh not long now or you look ready to drop and you must be due any day.

Well meaning and very kind but drives you a bit mad!!

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I just got home from a bbq where people I don't know decided to tell me what sex I'm having, when ill be having it, how I should be feeling right now (and if I have any symptoms that stray from their diagnosis then I must be imagining them), and even how I'll look when I'm going into labour! And if im not terrified of labour and the pain ill be subjected to then im being naive....I can't wait to have the baby if only to put an end to the ridiculous predictions and fairytales I have to listen to!

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I've also been out this evening and experienced exactly the same thing!!!

I could have another 3 weeks of this!

Think I may actually consider hibernation....

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It may be the only way!

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The next person who does it to me is getting full pregnant woman wrath!!

Oh bless you hun! I think sometimes these well meaning individuals actually do more harm than good.

My mother in law is trying to be very kind but I just see her as trying to take over. Doesn't help that she refers to my baby as 'our baby' ( Meaning hers not mine lol). She has said that once baby is here, she'll happily pop over and clean or just hold baby whilst i'm having a shower etc - very kind but actually I want to develop my own routine and overcome my own struggles. She's offered to introduce me to her friends daughter who is having twins - again very kind, but I want to make my own friends. My sister has just had a baby and I'll be talking to her more than mother in law. She even said that her friend is an ex midwife weho I can talk to but, again I'll talk to my own sister rather than stranger who will talk to the mother in law.

Maybe I'm being oversensitive, but like you, I wish people would mind their own business!!

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