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Possible antenatal depression or anxiety? i dont know? anyone had similar feelings? help! x

Hi everyone hope your all doing great!

im now 26weeks pregnant, and over the past 3 months or so i have developed this anxiety almost depression at being on my own. My partner works random patterns ranging between 11hour and 17hour days. Im pretty confident around people generally and love to get out and see people. However i have developed this state where i cannot be in the house on my own, im not scared of being there on my own (i have a good guard dog! Lol) its just i cannot emotionally be there. Its got to the point where even 10mins after my partner leaves im itching to just go out rain or shine! I ring everyone i possibly can to see if anyone's free, if not i will just go out to the shops not buy anything just walk round to pass as much time as i can.... Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I appreciate im not alone ive got my little man growing inside but i just feel i cannot cope on my own even though in very independent. Is this normal??

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Hi there, I cant say I've had experience of this myself but I really feel for you.

I'm certainly not a medical expert but think it might be worth chatting this through with your midwife to get to the bottom of what is making you feel anxious all of a sudden.

I know when I got to about 30 weeks I started to panic a little that after the birth they would allow us to take our baby home and we had know idea what to do with it!! We paid for a private practical baby care workshop with a trained professional (3hrs) and also attended the NHS antenatal classes (mostly about the labour) which was incredibly reassuring.

After both of these sessions my confidence increased significantly and I really began to look forward to the arrival of our little one - I'm now 39 weeks.

Not sure if any if this will help you but I'd definitely recommend talking to someone about your feelings. Hope you feel better soon.



Sorry to hear you're feeling bad, sounds to me like something to discuss with ur midwife - either at the next appointment or give her a call if you have the number. I have friends who've had post natal depression & if it is something like that then the sooner you get some support the better really. Hope it all works out!


Oh I also meant to say, some children's centres offer free counseling & support for women who are pregnant or have young children so that's worth looking into if u think it might help


I agree with 2ndtimelucky. Talking to someone should help. I suffered with depression before I fell pregnant and my doctor was wonderful. Do you do much exercise as well? Light exercise can make you feel a tonne better (plus it can get you out of the house) but I'd speak to your doc / midwife before you do anything.

Also, I understand you're feeling uneasy in your home but have you thought about having people round - a girls night in or something may take your mind off the uneasiness and may help you feel more comfortable when you're alone? Possibly worth a shot.

Hope you feel better soon - let us know how you get on x


Hi I no exactly what your going through I wheat through the same around bout the same time as you 20 - 28 weeks its awful I would do anything to get out the house shopping, driving around even siting at my mams all day so I wasn't alone. However it gets easier just keep thinking positive I hated reading but I somehow really enjoy it now it takes my mind off the stresses or daily life and didn't make me feel so alone. My partner is a chief so at work alt silly hours too. Try doing things you enjoy even sitting painting your nails or spending ages in the bath then doing girly stuff nothing to take your mind off it. It does get easier and the anxiety will pass if it doesn't and your worried about it speak with your GP or nearest counselling service they will be able to iron out any under lying emotions /problems before baby comes. Good luck cx


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