maternity leave? how late should i leave work?

im wondering when is a good time to stop working? im due mid november, aside from some leg cramps im doing pretty well everything is healthy/ normal ect. i work in childrens retail which in november will be getting pretty busy due to chirstmas (im mostly on my feet but do have the opportunity to sit down for abit) im wondering how many weeks before my due date i should finish, i dont want to go too early beacuse i hate not working and hate being on my own and get lonley easy...... any suggestions?


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  • I'm due on the 20th Nov and intending (all being well) to start my mat leave on 4th Nov (2 weeks before) but I also have 2 weeks holiday that I'm taking prior to that so my last working day will be 18th Oct. I work in an office though so not on my feet all day. I have done retail before and that Christmas period is knackering for anyone let alone a pregnant woman so you defo should start your mat leave before the mad rush.

  • I am due 7th sept and am going on 15th august. (8 working days and counting) its up to u to listen to ur body tho, I would say most people go 3-4 weeks before there due date and by then u will appreciate the time. I don't really like being on my own but when u have all the baby stuff to sort out trust me u will have loads to do, I have just been playing with my pushchair making sure I can put it up and fold it and put all the attatchments on it as my bf is out with his friends. x

  • U do have to listen to ur body but if ur managing ok then maybe 2 weeks before it's due then if it gets too unbearable u can go on sick but they may start ur maternity from the sick leave. Standing all day will get harder. .. its hard to know how ur feel in a couple of months x

  • its tough having to decide so early, ive originally said 2 weeks but now im worried this is too late being christmas time and all? its just gutting that i have to give 8 weeks notice to change it.... i dont know how im gona feel then haha! i could be fine like now or i could be suffering.... thanks for the advice everyone :)

  • If it becomes unbearable then I sure ur dr would sign u off sick then they just bring ur maternity forward. ..8 weeks is too long isn't it!

  • that could be an option.... yep too long in pregnancy anything can happen in 8 weeks!

  • Hi there, It's really hard to know how your going to feel nearer the time. I planne to finish up 4 weeks before my due date but sadly had to finish up on Monday (at 33 weeks pregnant) due to sciatica in my back and leg. I really wanted to work on as well as I get bored stiff in the house alone. But u really need to wait and see how u feel so chose a date that's kind of in the middle, not to early and not too late. That way if u need to finish up a bit early it's not as bad. I also am on my feet all day and know that there was no way possible I could work on any more as I was exhausted. Hope this makes some sense and hope u figure it all out x

  • In these situations its definetely important to listen to your body, as you may be feeling good now then as the baby gains more weight & your feet become heavier your muscles can change dramatically.

    Im also due in November ( 1st week of) but im also out of work right now.

    Bearing in mind everything remains well Mid October would be a good time to get yourself & home prepeared for your arrival.


  • thanks for everyones advice i may move it to like 3/4 weeks. as im only little (5ft and weighed 9st before baby) the weight of the baby may affect me especially having to be on my feet all day.... hope things go well for everyone else :D

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