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5 weeks after giving birth.


Hi all I gave birth 5 weeks ago and the past 2 weeks I've had bad backache. I bled for 4 weeks stopped and im bleeding again but very light. I'm getting pains in my tummy too, cramp like pains, I don't no if its relevent but I had sex 2 weeks ago 4 days after starting the pill and I didn't use any other contrecption. The pains not unbearable just irritating xx

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Hi hun my baby is 11 weeks and I like you bled for a few weeks then it stopped and started I asked health visitor about it and she saidIit because I was doing to much . ive been having period type cramps but no bleeding for past couple of weeks on and off. Think must be our bodies settling down. Xxxx


Yes just like the last comment mentioned i think it could just be more down to your body adjusting back to normal after carrying a baby around for 40+ weeks our bodies have alot of homework to do.


If the bleeding does continue talk to your G.P about it

My midwife told me after I had my baby the amount we bleed everyone's varies but if u have a day where say u go shopping n ur walking around for a couple of hours u can expect to bleed a bit more that day she said this could be for up to a few weeks after giving birth x

Hi I had my son 10 weeks ago and I was lije yourself with the bleeding this is my second baby my midwife and health visitor advised me that the bleeding can last upto 6 weeks and if you di too much you can bleedalot more I also experienced whats called the afterbirth pains for two weeks which were very irritating if your concerned chat with your health visitor or on your check up with the gp


I am currently experiencing the same. Did your back ache relieve or Does the pain never go and is always there ? What did your doctor say about it and how did it relieve? My back ache is more common on my left side.

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