Had a late miscarriage 5 weeks ago and needed erpc, now got beige discharge which smells- infection or normal?

Sadly I lost my baby when I was 19+4 5 weeks ago today. As the placenta wouldn't budge, I had to go to theatre for erpc. I bled for a while afterwards which I know is normal. However for the last 2 weeks I've been producing mucus/discharge that is beige. Initially I thought it was just tainted with a bit of blood and that my uterus is repairing itself, so didn't think anything of it. Then I smelt it to see if there was anything out of the ordinary and it has the scent of French cheese. I wouldn't normally smell my mucus so I've no idea whether it should smell or not but I'm a bit concerned that I have an infection. I don't feel ill or have a temperature and I'm in no pain. Is this normal or should I see the Dr?

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Dear Chipper, considering what you have been through it would be advisable to see your GP or visit the maternal assessment unit at your hospital. Doing a test for infections is super easy and will take the stress off your mind. They will also be able to check if your uterus has settled back. Take good care of yourself my lovely xx

Thanks for the advice. I was in two minds whether to ring the surgery tomorrow to get an urgent appt. I didn't want to appear stupid but then I don't like the thought of an infection raging up there either.

When it comes health matters, there are no stupid questions, ever!

So Sorry hear of ur loss. Yes I'd def get it checked... it doesn't sound right to me x

Hi sweet, I sorry to hear of your loss :-( I lost my first at 20weeks and I dont know if same for you but afterwards I felt abandoned by maternity care and sort of left to deal with things, I hope your doing well physically and emotionally and getting lots of support from family and friends xx as for the discharge it would be the smell that worried me as after mc and having my children the bleeding changed to a browny discharge but I would def give gp a call and make appt and that way as said above can give you once over xx all the best xxx

Oh no not you too! The support I've received from friends and work has been amazing. A bereavement midwife came to see me whilst I was in hospital but I could hardly stay awake due to effects of anaesthetic. She left me her contact details in case I needed someone to talk to. I'm so sorry that you felt abandoned, that's so rubbish!! Well it's good to know that brown discharge in itself is not something to worry about. I seem to be producing less today which could be a good sign. Btw how long did it take for your period to come back? xx

I think it was about 4-6wks after huni but obviously everyone is different. Yea I find when the bleeding turns to brown it coming to the end, I dont know but maybe the smell is just the blood and all the yuckies coming out. You got any other signs of infection? Temp, aches etc? I am so so glad you are well supported its a difficult time but support is vital to get through it xx my little girl had turners syndrome she was very ill I had my 20wk scan and sonographer saw things weren't right and gave me a appt to see consultant next day and in between the two appts she'd died :-( have they said anything about your little angel and why it happened, , completely understand if you dont want to say huni xxxxx

I have no other signs of infection which is why I wasn't concerned. It's only when I caught a whiff that I started to wonder. It could be if the discharge is constantly tainted with blood that it takes on funny smell. Who knows! Oh that's so sad, I'm sorry that happened to you. It's good to know you've got children now though. I have my follow up appt in Sept when I get the results from the post mortem and my blood tests, so then I'll find out if there was anything wrong. Unfortunately I gave birth 3 days before my 20 week scan. The Dr in the hospital said most of the time they can't find a reason. Thanks for your advice. xx

Good luck for Sept huni I hope you get a answer xx Take care and all the best for the future xxxx

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