Big bubs update- maybe not so stubborn!! Lol

Seen the midwife and it was really positive. Cervix was effaced and 2-3cm dilated but stretchy too, membrane was bulging. She managed a really good sweep . I am booked in for induction on Tuesday as per my areas policy but she is pretty convinced i wont make it til then!!! Lol Mucus plug has now come away and having dull cramping. All really positive- i have come home and doubled checked my bags and am ready when bubs is!!! Lol x


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8 Replies

  • Exciting!! Good luck! Xx

  • Wow! When I got to the hosp I was 3cm midwife did a strech and sweep and my boy was in my arms hour and half later! Good luck! Look forward to your news :-) xx

  • WOW you really did accelerate from 3cm :)

  • Aww good luck! So exciting!

  • Woohoo all go! Good luck x

  • Exciting times :) good luck x

  • All the best to you, exciting times & hope when you do get to go in the delivery and labour ward is not unbearable in this heat!! X

  • Still waiting on bubs to get a move on!!! And very distressed over mucus plug!!!! Ha I feel i was very naive expecting a nice clean 'plug' being expelled from my body in one go, but no, that stuff is never ending!!! So stringy, like thick snot that won't come out!!! Tmi i know but so yucky!!!! Lol :-D x

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