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Hi all its been 8 weeks since I've been on here . My 8 week old son is cutting his first two bottom teeth I was shocked and surprised to find that he was teething so early as my daughter who is now 3 going on 4 didn't start cutting teeth until she was 5 months old and with her I rubbed whiskey on her gums like the dentist and health visitor advised but I wouldn't dream of doing this with my son as he is only 8 weeks old I was just wondering what other people would recommend

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A friend's daughter is just 6 weeks and is also cutting her first teeth; she was after some advice and was told to try Nelson Teething Powder and Teetha Gel (and some Brandy for herself lol).

I'l try the teething powder see how it goes lol i'l have the brandy on stand by for me then lol. this heat isn't helping him neither its just too hot for him

I Thought the teething powder was brilliant and they do a teethinggel but I find that hard as it just slips off. .. babies seem to be teething earlier and earlier these days x

tried the powder and its working a treat thanks I know my son is growing so quick it doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago I was Newcastle RVI in labour with him

Keep teething rings in the freezer - my SIL is a nursery nurse and swore by this for both of my nephews!

il go get some today thanks

There's teething dummies which I froze then gave to my daughter. And nelsons powder is amazing!

There is always a box in my relatives homes, and if anyone (young or old) had problems then they use it! It's a little pricier then the others but asda often have it cheaper but Id check online first :-)

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