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Extremely early pregnancy test POSITIVE and strong cramping pains...?

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Hi:)Posted a few times. Ive been taking pregnancys tests since about 11 days befor my period was due. Initially a faint line which has gradually darkened over the last week. No doubting the tests are positive..just curious as Ive read a lot about high levels of HcG due to twins etc?

Im now 3 days before Im 'due' and getting crampy pains, no sickness or anything yet but extemely tired. I dont remember getting much cramp with my first.. Was 5 year ogo!lol.

Thanks xx

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Hi hun. I had cramping like I was going to come on from before I found out i was pregnant with all three I think its just everything settling down for the next 9months hehe :-) I wouldn't worry unless you start bleeding xxxx

What would I do without you ;) haha xx

I know this was a long time ago but I am having something similar I have been late for almost a month but in between I would get cramps and really hard onces and I thought I was gonna start but nothing and just yesterday I took a pregnancy test and 3 more and all came back the same all positive but I don't get why I have super strong cramps and I get them after I get angry or when i am feeling stressed out

What does this mean

Lol :-) I addicted to pregnancy and babies lol id be constantly pregnant if I could lol. Has it synk in yet? And do twins run in yr family xx

Aww :) I really appreciate your advice.

My grandma has twin sisters and my mam miscarried twins but other than that, thats all Im aware of. My partners got no twins in his immediate family, not sure about fam history. What u reckon?

& no.. I got my docs apt but all she really sed was 'ooh its v early' well YES doctor but Im excited! So although Ive got clear positives Im still a bit :-S haha. Maybe wen Im eventually 'late' lol.xxx

Yea I know what you mean I was like that will littlest because he was a surprise it didnt sink in for ages lol but it does eventually lol. The doctor appt is a bit of a let down isnt it! Oh well you got booking to look forward too :-)

Could be twins.....who knows haha roll on 12wk scan xxx

God I know haha. Would be a shock but id be over the moon!

Im sure I'll be posting again about something, Thanks :)x

Lol oki doke ill look out for it :-) you take care and look after that precious cargo :-D xx

I had cramping exactly like before my period was coming, convincing me I was getting my period so much I had a real downer about not being pregnant and we ended up going to the pub to drown our sorrows (thankfully only a few drinks). I sat in the pub moaning about how it may never happen and discussing booking a holiday as we couldn't put life on hold while we were trying. I was also incredibly shattered that day. Af still hadn't shown the 2 days later so I did a cheapy test and you could have peeled me off the floor when there was a line. I'm 29 weeks today so sounds encouraging for you.

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Hahah the only thing Ive wanted in this glorious weather is a beer garden but those positive results, regardless of the cramp, has kept me home with a glass of ice cold pop insted.

I think this time round im just noticing every little niggle.

Thanks for your advice :) & Congrats!! :)xx

First of all - hoorah! You were pregnant! I'm so thrilled for you!

Yes I too had crampy pains for the whole of the first trimester and beyond, was definitely the first symptom. It's a cruel one as it does feel distinctly like a bit of period pain, so you have to cling onto your positive result and see the cramps as a good sign!

Next symptoms I got was feeling very bloated and a bit overwhelmed by smells. Not sure they are any better but I treasured them all as reassurance I was still pregnant.

I did the same thing and tried to go to the doctor, they looked at me as if I was made turning up the day my period was due! Very disappointing when you are so beside yourself with the whole thing!


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Yeeeyy!!! Thank you :) Ive been waking up and feelin rough, that kind if feeling as tho uv had a drink the night befor but it soon passes. The cramps not particularly paintful but enough to mention it. Roll on the end of this week then I'll be over the period worry. So early days Im that anxious!xxx

Hi Al88

I am loving the build up, I am so keeping my fingers crossed for you. I am on my third month of trying, first month I had my period at week 32! so I was really hopeful but 5 tests later and it was a no lol.

Second month I had awful period pains coming up and low and behold it came but this time at week 29!

This month, I have felt no pains or anything until today and I am due on (providing it's 29 again) tomorrow. I now have really low cramps and am starting to feel a bit like it might be coming.

Keep your fingers crossed for me xx

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AL88 in reply to Plou

Hi sorry only just seen this now... Any news??xxx

I'm 9 weeks late and am bleeding with cramps but my test seems positive both urine and syrum. But I've prayed and am happy.

Hi sorry Ive only just seen this.

I hope everything is well. xxx

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