Waters broken early

Had a couple of small leaks of fluid on Tuesday morning after my 25 mile drive to work. I wasn't really able to tell if it was pee or amniotic fluid. It happened a couple of times during the day mainly after I had been sitting down for a while and had been unable to get to the loo when I wanted to.

I was a bit gutted thinking I'd lost some bladder control but it wasn't until I'd driven home and thought I'd stop off to pick up some groceries. I had been in some discomfort on the drive home every gear change seemed like a strain. I went to use the loo before doing my shopping but it was out of order - typical! I managed to pop a couple of things in the trolley before a bigger squirt of liquid popped out and soaked through the front of my trousers I'd not put a panty liner on that morning!

Went to my pregnancy yoga, same thing happened after transitions. Instructor advised me to see GP next morning as it it could be amniotic fluid.

Saw GP next morning, she called labour ward who advised I go straight down to them for an internal exam. Went to Stoke Mandeville and was put on a monitor and had my urine checked out for any infection. When I had my internal a lot of fluid came out and they confirmed that my waters had broken and admitted me for 48hrs observation. Ive had no contractions so it looks as if I wont be going full term, if i get no infection or other complications they'll induce me at 34weeks! I'm 29 + 3 at the moment.

Had another scan, baby is doing ok. On monitor at the moment. Just feeling really overwhelmed.

My pregnancy keeps getting shorter and shorter....when we went for our first scan at 13 weeks to be told that we were actually 21 weeks so I lost 8 weeks and now at least another 6!

Really not ready to meet my little one just yet - still have so much to do, not sure if 4 weeks is going to be enough. My husband is amazing so I know he'll be running himself ragged at the moment.

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Wow! Hopefully As long as you don't get an infection them they will leave baby there wow to find out u were alot further ahead in the first place. .I Know it's a shock but I wouldn't mind but obviously u want to keep little one in there till they are strong enough bless u... did they tell u no baths only showers. ..hope all goes well Pls let us know how u get on well be thinking of u xx


I've been told I can have baths, that I can go back to work and driving is ok. No heavy lifting plenty of rest but to carry in as normal and keep a look out for any fever etc


At least they are keeping an eye on you now for infection.

When I was pregnant with my first I had leakage but it was wee as the baby was on my bladder, it is really embarrassing sometimes.

How many weeks are you?


I'm 29 + 2 so I'm feeling pretty anxious at the moment hopefully no infection and no contractions. I want baby happy to hang out at chez mummy for another 5 or 6 weeks ideally.


This happened to my friend from pregnancy yoga. Her waters broke at 30 weeks, admitted for observation for a week, discharged with a plan for review every other day and delivery at 35 weeks. She made it to Wednesday, delivered that night at 31 weeks. That was 7 weeks ago - she took her bubba home last Monday :-)


Haha not the reassurance I was looking for DrFluffy! How are you doing now?


No - God sorry!! I just wanted to say she was fine!! Labour was an hour and a half. Bubba kept in as routine until what would have been 35 weeks. Mum and bubba fine through out. Lots of monitoring and support! You're in good hands, I'm certain!

Sorry - didn't think: sleep deprived night on an Ante-Natal ward will do that!


After my month on the local antenatal ward I saw many women in the same situation as you. All of them got to 34 weeks and one even 36. Babies were all well, 2 needed a short time in special care but all 4 are now home and enjoying their babies x


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