Not a question.....I'm just feeling happy :)

After my recent moaning (within reason) blog post, i think sharing a few weeks ago has really helped. Obviously I've had mood swings, but I've just felt that bit stronger. Baby is getting stronger by the day, kicking me and all sorts. I can sit there for ages just staring at my moving belly. So I'm 24 weeks Thursday, and i feel quite organised, bought the pram ages ago, the cot arrived today, bought clothes and even started stocking up on nappies. So everything seems to be working out. Hope all ladies and bumps are doing great! :) x

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  • Good To hear! What pram did u get im still looking.... don't want to spend toomuch money but want to get something that will last a year! I'm 24 Weeks on Fri :)

  • Oh i can't remember the name of it, but its a mamas and papas one! I already ordered one from argos a few weeks ago, but that got sent back! Was a chicco one. Was not impressed. Went into a local baby shop for our dream pram. Was originally £600 but it was the last one in stock, got it for £300. Which went on dads credit card lol. As soon as we saw it, my mum and i were like "this is the one!" yay urn one day behind me! That's cool :D

  • Good to hear hunny!!

    Im just behind you at 22wks pregnant and as im starting to feel much better & more energetic it seems the baby is also getting stronger with some good kicks & thumps. haha

    Im thankfully going to use the same pushchair i used with my son who is now 4 yrs old. Ive bought a new cot though for £45, as well as some new feeding bottles & steriliser.


  • You sound just as organised as me, if not, more :) it does help take some of the worry away, being so organised! Its a good time as well as u have energy and also ur bump isn't so large u can't do anything lol. Do u know what ur having? Im having a little boy :) such an exciting time :D this is my first, will decide if its my last after experiencing child birth lol but i doubt its my last :)

  • Yes, ive having a girl & im as much if not more excited to meet her as i was when i was having my son in 2008.

    No matter how you try to prepare yourself for birth you'll experience something you probably thought you'd never will, I dont want to scare you but after giving birth to my son i thought i could never go through child birth again but its just something you manage to forgive & forget.


  • Oh no u haven't scared me as everyone has said that to me lol. I just hope its quick! :S but got a feeling its going to be long and painful. But it will all be worth it! :) aww a little girl! So one of each for u! Perfect! :) x

  • Ah you are so organised, it starts to feel more real when you get the nursery set up. I think with my first I bought the nursery furniture and cot at 16 weeks.

  • Wow, that is mega organised! I still have lots to buy but I'll get there :) and there is a possibility that we might be moving house soon. Whether its with a bump or baby, its going to be hard either way. But will all be worth it! Nesting will be out of the question as we have to try and shift our current house. Don't want to get too comfy then move! So its not like i have it easy, i have lots to get through, but stressing will make all that even harder so just trying to chill out and take everything as it comes :)

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