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25 week midwife appt

Hello i saw the midwife on Wed, havent seen her since 16 weeks, lot better this time and i got to ask a few questions that i wanted to ask her at 16 weeks but she upset me so much i left in tears without asking anything.

She checked Ewans heartbeat (very strong) my urine and blood pressure (both ok) and did a very quick check of my bump with her hands saying its growing nicely.

The more i think about it though should there have been more?, should she have talked to me about vaccinations, people seem to have the whooping cough one offered at this appt, should she have weighed me (she hasnt weighed me since my 8 week appt) and should she have measured my bump?

I may be wrong in thinking these things can anyone shed a bit of light on it for me?

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Hi, glad this appointment went much better! If your bmi was normal and there are no medical concerns about your weight gain, you won't be weighed again - they used to weigh pregnant ladies but the amount of weight you gain shouldn't be a worry so long as you eat a balanced healthy diet.

Whooping cough jab is available from 28 weeks so should be discussed at your next appointment and I think they also start measuring fundal height from 28 weeks, but it might be 31 - I'm almost certain it's not from as early as 25.

Sounds like everything's going smoothly :-)


Hi hun, every midwife is different. I had my bump measured from 25weeks but other people haven't had their's measured intil 28 weeks so dont worry, plus its only 3weeks until your next appt. Yes whooping cough from 28weeks so she should say next appt. Glad all well with you and ewan :-) xx


I just had my 24 weeks midwife's appointment on Thursday. The same story. Didn't weigh me, just the blood pressure, urine test, heartbeat and baby growth. Whooping cough vaccination is between 28 and 38 weeks and needs to be done at your GP. I phoned my GP to make an appointment for it but was told it's too early in advance. I'll call them a week before 28 weeks.


Out of all my pregnancies this is the first one that I have ever been weighed in at the start. I weigh myself every few weeks anyway so I can keep an eye on it.

When did she ask to see you next? I have got my 25week app in just over a week. I am hoping (not really) that I am going to be offered vaccinations.


Thank you ladies sounds like my appointment was normal then, sorry for going on was just niggling at me a little

X x x


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