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12 week scan yesterday :D

Had my 12 week scan yesterday!

They kept my husband and I waiting for an hour before we were seen, so I was BURSTING for a wee! (I told husband that if I wasn't seen soon I'd have a urine sample for them in my trousers!)

When we got in the sonographer checked for a heartbeat and 2 arms and legs, fingers and toes...and then commented on how HUGE my bladder was and told me to go for a wee.

When I went back in she did more thorough tests and we got to see little 'Baby Nutella' waving her arms around! SO incredible (and REALLY weird to actually SEE this little life that I am carrying around inside of me).

My husbands face was a picture, seeing our little baby on the screen. I will never forget it :)

Such an obvious thing to say but it feels so much more real now that I have seen our baby. You find out you're pregnant, and you try and eat well etc, but actually SEEING your baby makes it all worth while. Really looking forward to seeing our baby again in 2 months time for our 20 week scan :)

We hadn't told anyone about the pregnancy because I wanted to wait until the scan, so it was lovely telling our parents and then making phonecalls last night to tell relatives and close friends the good news.

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Ah massive congrats. I had lots of tears of joy at my 12 week scan! It's a totally amazing and life changing experience I think.

All the best bit is to come in my opinion now...morning sickness going, feeling little one moving, then feeling kicking, 20 week scan and get a beautiful bump :)

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and hope you keep well



Orh congratulations Hun . They should just tell everyone to drink a glass of water not a pint I don't think it matters so much now they have super dooper machines :-) ... Can only imagine how made up your hubby must be seeing the baby on screen makes it oh so real. Wishing you the best in your pregnancy journey. :-) xx


Congratulations!! It is so amazing seeing your baby for the first time, it makes it so much more real!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, good luck xx


Congratulations! It's such an amazing feeling, I remember the big realisation hitting me that there actually WAS a baby in there.....enjoy the high!


Oh it brings back memories of my 12 week scan (all of 7 weeks ago lol). It's so wonderful isn't it!

I thought I'd be blasé during mine but as soon as I saw edgelett kicking away I started welling up and couldn't stop baby was on the screen. My baby!!

I have my 20 week scan next week and I'm starting to feel a bit nervous but so excited too. Hopefully we will find out the sex.

Only thing missing for both scans is my husband :( Thank god for the photos :) x


congratulations ladies,on your 12 and forth coming 20weeks scan. wishing you all the best xx. while I wait for mine soonest :-)


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