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Hi all I will be 36 weeks on wednesday. We have be told our baby is breech. Is it true if it hasn't turned by 36 weeks it never will I've tried bouncing on maternity ball scrubbing floors on all four even tried putting a ice cube near baby's head as they don't like it but nothing worked. Getting really worried really don't fancy a c section

Thanks in advance

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No, babies can still turn. If bubba doesn't turn, you will be offered external cephalic rotation to try to move him/her. Breach doesn't automatically = section either, and breeches are born vaginally (me included :-p), but the threshold for intervention is usually lower.


Thanks for getting back to me


had the same last week - but today it seems she has moved a bit - I am 36 week today - but the baby is already measuring a week ahead (so a big one I guess). Try to worry less and stay in a forward bent position hopefully your baby would move too (mine has moved just a little bit to give me hope)


Measuring a week ahead is completely normal and doesn't necessarily equal big bubba. Measuring the symphysis fundal height should give you your no of weeks, plus or minus 2.

So at 36 weeks, a normal measurement is between 34 and 38 cm. It's not useful towards the end if pregnancy either, especially after you have had your lightening or baby is engaging.


hey thanks for letting know :)

although she is definitely not engaged or have not moved down yet - I have a scan on Friday - hope things move better till than

when are you due ? and are you experiencing the Braxton hicks already ??


Due on July 26th - Flump dropped last week, making breathing so much easier, plus can eat much more ;-)

The plan is for induction at 40/40, but I think Flump has other plans if the lower pelvic pressure/pain, back pain and period like cramping of the last few days is anything to go by... Working until 38/40... :-/ or not :-p


mine is 20th July so pretty close to yours, but I can feel her head under my ribs and boy! it hurts :(

Funny thing, she was lowly placed at week 34 + few days as we went to see her on 3D (looks like me ;) so certain about that) and than as I entered week 35 my silly sweetheart turned the wrong way (like mommy again, I am guessing)

but yeah i experienced a bit of tightening of stomach couple of times and hoping that she dont arrive before the first grand-parent arrive (which is on 12th).

And I definitely dont want to share my wedding anniversary with her birth date (which is this weekend) so keeping my feet up. :)


my number two baby turned at 39 weeks. so theres hope yet :-) i moved house at 37-38 weeks so i think all the cleaning and gardening helped to turn her naturally in my sleep. xx


I was unlucky enough to not find out baby was breech till 7cm dilated in labour, in the end we decided c-sec was best option (breech vaginal would have been possible but the hospital were not keen as they were so busy! Although delays, some them, some me, meant we almost didn't have a choice as baby was dropping into pelvis fast and once at a certain point vaginal is safer) even though I was adamant I didn't want one but it really wasn't so bad afterall. Just a frustrating recovery as I hate not being active doing stuff constantly!

Babies can turn at any time so not too late, a friend had hers turn at 39+4, day before planned c-sec and managed to get a natural birth. Apparently the rotation can be quite uncomfortable, as can baby turning the later it gets - I guess because there isn't so much space. The spinning babies website has some great tips and exercises for getting baby to turn - this is what my friend used

I have used some of their other techniques this time and baby has been head down since 30weeks, confirmed by scan - have another scan in 10 days (34 weeks) to check still there!

Good luck, I hope baby turns for you and you have a straightforward birth :-)


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