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Anterior Placenta

I am 21 week and my in my 19 week scan my placenta was anterior. Sometimes on my belly button I feel like scrething. Can placent move up afte week?

Also I wonder sonoghper did not tell me my placenta postion I read from the report. I was written Placenta: Anterior.

As she did not mention anything can my placenta be low-lying? Should I be worried???

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Yes placenta can move, my friend in exactly same situation. Im sure if it was low lying she would have said and another scan further into your pregnancy to check it had moved up.i would urge you to try and relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Ive haf three children and the nhs haven't let me down yet. Xx


Thanks for reply..


Placentas move around on the whole. Mine has been high anterior for the last 8 or so weeks x


I had the same problem, the report said my placenta is anterior but no one mentioned it. I read up on it and it's usually nothing to worry about and moves up as your uterus grows. The sonographer would have had to state if it were low-lying because of labour complications so if she's not documented it you've got nothing to worry about, the midwives will double check it when you go onto the labour ward anyway just to make sure.


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