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Weird feeling in my cervix

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I am 32+2.I keep having a weird feeling in my cervix when my baby moves...And when she just lays low and heavy in my pelvis area..and sometimes hurts.....sometimes feels like a heavy feeling ..or pressure ...It has been going on for a weeks .I have talked with my midwife but she's not concerned.Sometimes it makes me feel like i am going to pee on myself....LOL .is there anything i can do?

I know it is just part of being pregnant..and it is normal and just my baby moving..I just wanted to talk to others that know what i am feeling..Thanks

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It sounds as if you're Lil girl has started to engage herself to get ready to be born

I'm only 20wks gone but i occassionally get quite a firm pressure feeling on / by my pelvic area. Im determined to not make this worry me too much as it's my 2nd pregnancy & i haven't really experienced any major problems up to this point.

I know usually once the baby has engaged herself you can start to feel a firm pressure, but i never expected to feel this now


I Used to swear that a foot or hand was going to pop out sometimes it used to feel so weird id be out shopping and it would stop me in my tracks! X

Lol I remember that feeling well! Although I had it when baby kept engaging then back up again (*lightening) fingers crossed you don't actually pee yourself hehe :-D xx

I know i should be happy that she's so active but ...its so annoying its been the worse day so far because she's kicking like crazy.i think i'd rather be kicked in my ribs Babymother said it feels like her foot or hand will pop out.i've still got 60days left so i dont know how i'm gonna survive this.cant get comfy...its so scary cos if she's engaging that means she's getting ready and its getting more real now that i will be going into labour...and i will have a baby...xx

Oh yes baby fiddling with you nether region is uncomfortable and like babymother says feels like a hand or foot may pop out. :-)

My baby is sitting low in pelvis too and feet are in ribs so got double whammy!! It can be very uncomfortable :-( Docs tell me it's ideal position not to worry. If you find pelvis getting very painful worth discussing with midwife however as you may be getting spd and earlier treated the better. Good luck

Lol my friends baby engaged at 28weeks and she went to term xx she's just reminding you she is there! Xxx

Oh God.i hope she can stay there for at least 6weeks.its so scary and exciting.i'm actually gonna have a baby!!!xx

Lol is it only just sinking in? My littlest was bobbing up and down for a few weeks before he was born its very uncomfortable-I only then did the 'waddle walk- lol xx pregnancy its all good fun lol xxx was yr son early? Xx

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