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have i had a miscarage or am i still pregnant in almost 40 years old

not sure if im pregnant still or if i have had a miscarage. i took a pregancy test on saturday morning and it was possitive it said 1-2 weeks which means 3-4 week..counting back as nhs work it out i was 5 weeks on saturday. later that morning i started to spot this was brown blood so wasnt worried a few hours later it changed to fresh red blood. i was bleeding for 2 days but not lots and i still have cramps now although my bleeding has finished. i saw my doctor on monday he was quite sure i had miscaraged with what i could tell him and said i needed to do a pregnancy test in a couple of week to be sure. i no after spending lots of time going though the internet this may not be the case have havent passed any clots should i be taking folic acid still just incase or do i asume ive lost the baby. im really unsure i have no pregnancy simptoms but i had none before besides the one day i couldnt eat any fo the food we cooked as the smell just put me off (this was a big issue with my last child)

can anyone help me im left in limbo now not knowing what to do for the best.

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Am so sorry you are going through this.You should ask to be referred to early pregnancy unit for a scan and you need some blood tests to check your HCG level.when I miscarried last year my pregnancy test was still showing positive for the following 2 weeks.


Hiya unsure404x, it is a horrible feeling isn't it. I had a mc before xmas and I started spotting then it turned to fresh red blood and I was bleeding for over 3 weeks, I didn't pass many clots but I did bleed for a long time after. It took 8 weeks for me to get a negative result.

I feel pregnant a few months after and then at 12 weeks I had a heavy bleed again, so I thought great I am having another mc. I had a scan which revelied I wasn't I had a hematoma in my womb between the cervixs and sac which had popped when my cervixs stretched. The fresh red blood only lasted 2 days maxs and then turned to brown spotting for about 3 months after.

Have they booked you into EPU in a couple of weeks to check if you still are pregnant, they may be able to detect a babies heart beat from 6-7 weeks.


Yeah they should def send you for a scan like megzey said u can still have bleeding but be pregnant, and it wasn't like a proper period was it? Or Do u bleed for just 2 days? ... go and see a different g.p for a second opinion x


Yes just ,2 days and I don't think I've passed any clots just used a panty liner so I no there's not been lots of blood. now it's stopped but still a few cramps here and there mainly after eatinglike I over eaten almost. Might be an idea to see if I can see another doctor but I dint think they will do any tests that I no they can do.it's very frustrating not knowing or knowing what to do.


i went through this at easter and its heartwrenching just not knowing. i was sent to epu in local hospital for an ultrasound the day after i told the doc, even though i was only 5weeks as they said they may be able to detect something. The scan showed nothing conclusive and i had a blood test. the blood test proved i had a miscarriage. defo go back and get a second opinion and be firm with the dr, tell them u want testing as its driving u sick with worry. they'll soon listen. i hope u get sorted soon xx


Hi hon, not sure how we're supposed to answer this one for you. If you're still concerned you need to go see your GP to ask about getting a blood test done perhaps to see if you're still pregnant, or if you can get a scan, or you'll have to wait for the pregnancy test to be done again. There's not much anyone can do until you get a second opinion x



Saw a different doctor still no go there so I bought s test today I no it wasn't first thing this morning but couldn't wait it said negative...at least I now no even if it's not the outcome we wanted maybe next time I'm a believer things happen for a readon

Thank for just listening to me that's been a help it's self.


Not sure if this will help but I had a bit of a week-late period like you. I realised that I was in fact pregnant and had a very early miscarriage.

The very next month I fell pregnant and I'm now 16weeks. Oh and I'm 43 next month so don't worry about your age.

You're obviously ovulating fine and your egg was fertilised, so it's all working. I know it probably doesn't feel like it right now but your body is sending you good signals - hang on in there! Good luck xxx


Hi sorry your going through this, I had the same thing and had bad cramps too rather than seeing my own doctor I rang nhs 11 after my surgery hours and they gave me an out of hours appointment at hospital. They ran some tests and did an early scan which showed I was 5 weeks pregnant we now have a very happy healthy little girl who is now 12 weeks old. Hopefully you will be like me its awful not knowing so get a second opinion preferably at hospital! Good luck xx


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