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Is stomach pain/cramps normal when 6 weeks pregnant?


Found out im 6 weeks pregnant and waiting for midwife to get in touch as couldnt get appointment with doctor. Ive been having stomach pain almost like period pain, a lot of the time it can be during the night which is waking me, just wondered if this is normal?

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It can be very normal early on in pregnancy but if ur worried get it checked out bbe x

Yes this is totally normal, don't worry. I would only be concerned if there is spotting and cramping together, then you should see your midwife. I had a lot of cramps in the early weeks, so much so that i thought i was getting my period, but it was all normal thank God.

I've had them for weeks (only 5 weeks pregnant) I think its stretching etc.

Thanks :) don't feel so worried now

hey gill, im experiencing exactly the same and spoke to both midwife and gp to get different opinions. They both said exactly same thing, its ur uterus stretching and preparing itself for your baby growing so the cramps will feel like it does when ur on ur period. Congrats and i hope all goes well for u :)


yeh it is normal and woudnt worry bout drs apt as they don't do anything, literally I when I went in there, told her I was preg, she told me how far gone I was, gave me an envelope of info and then I was told to go reception and make apt with midwife so unless u have any issues, wudnt worry bout drs. xx

Thanks for all the comments :) the word stretching makes things pretty real lol x


I had normal period pain (but no bleeding) when my period was due....then after 4 days of 'no show' I did a test. Positive :)

For the next 3 weeks (on a thursday, which is normally when my period starts) I'd have period like pain for a couple of days.

Now nearly 11 weeks and all that nonsense has stopped ;)

Thank God it's not just me I'm about 6 weeks and I'm experiences bad cramping and it was worrying me as didn't know if it was normal but reading all the comments have helped!

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